Reporting to Sample Clauses

Reporting to. This will contain a clear statement of the position(s) to whom the employee reports and for what purposes, i.e. clinical matters and other matters. It is unlikely there will be more than two such positions. For all clinical matters, the “manager” is likely to be a senior medical or dental officer within the organisation and would ordinarily be the clinical leader or head of department (or applicable designation within each employer).
Reporting to. Group Manager – Xxxxxx Vocational Institute, Xxxxxx Employment and Training. Direct Reports: • Coordinators, Course Advisors, Training and Administration Staff of Xxxxxx Employment Training, Xxxxxx Vocational Institute – Hunter and Central Coast. Key Management Relationships: • Work under the direct supervision of Group Manager, with accountabilities to the Operations Manager and General Manager. Key Networking Relationships: • Senior Managers of Conferences and Education and other portfolio areas. • Xxxxxx Employment and Training staff • Xxxxxx Mission teams, Committees, Networks and Boards as appropriate. • Other relevant organisations outside Xxxxxx Mission e.g. Uniting Church, government departments, service providers, industry organisations and key stakeholders.
Reporting to. Nurse Unit Manager ENQUIRIES CONTACT Enquiry Contact: Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Telephone: (00) 0000 0000 Email: POSITION STATEMENT: The Registered Nurse position provides patient-centred nursing care in collaboration with other health professionals and significant other to ensure safe, efficient and effective management of the patient. A full Position Description is available following these specifications.
Reporting to. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, President & CEO. Direct Reports:Xxxx Xxxxxxxx, Director of Corporate and Restaurant Accounting, Xxxxxx Xxxx, Corporate Controller, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Director of Shared Services, Xxx XxXxxx Director of Regional Marketing, Xxxx Xxxxxxx Director of Digital Marketing, Xxxxxx Xxxxx Director of Creative, and Xxxx Xxx Xxxxx. Responsibilities:Initial responsibilities include but not limited to accounting, finance, planning and analysis, strategy, marketing, purchasing, business development support including leasing and landlord relations. Start Date:4/1/2019. Base Salary: Your base salary will be at a rate of $4,807.69 weekly ($250,000.00 annually) less applicable tax and other withholdings. Salary is payable according to the Company’s regular weekly payroll schedule.
Reporting to. Nurse Unit Manager ENQUIRIES CONTACT Enquiry Contact: Xxxxxx Xxxx, Assistant Director of Nursing Email: POSITION STATEMENT: The Theatre Orderly is responsible for transporting patients to and from the xxxx, handling of theatre equipment throughout the Operating Theatre, patient transfers as well as providing assistance to patients within the clinical setting to support clinical personnel. A full Position Description is available following these specifications.
Reporting to. Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxx, Ph.D.
Reporting to the National Pollutant Release Inventory Teck agrees, where possible, to use the same quantification methodology prescribed for the PA (see Annex 2), when reporting process emissions to the National Pollutant Release Inventory for SO2 and PM. Teck agrees to work toward implementation of the recommendations of the working group, where applicable, for quantification and reporting of Fugitive PM and metals at its facility.
Reporting to the Parties and the Court regarding the status and effectiveness of the Notice Plan.
Reporting to. James Meadlock, Cxxxxxxx and CEO, Intergraph Corporation. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Offshore Employment Contract Page 1 of 3 -Allan B. Wilson
Reporting to. Chief Executive Officer - Hours: You agree to provide 28 days of service per quarter, up to 15 of which may, at the Company's request be performed at the Company's San Diego headquarters or elsewhere in the USA, and the remainder will be in Europe, where it is understood you will be residing. - You will not be required to make more than four visits to the USA in any quarter.