Department Seniority Sample Clauses

Department Seniority. Department seniority is defined as continuous length of service in calendar days within the employee’s department and where applicable, shall be used for internal department processes, such as vacation and schedule bids.
Department Seniority. For all purposes other than layoff, seniority will be calculated by length of time in job class.
Department Seniority. ‌ Department seniority shall be established as follows: the regular employee having the longest continuous term of service with the Police Department shall be number one on the seniority list and all other regular employees likewise shall be listed according to length of continuous service with the Police Department. Such list shall be updated and posted quarterly and shall include the date of position seniority.
Department Seniority. The amount of regular service performed by the employee in the classification in the department and higher classification in question in that department since the most recent date of hire to the classification within the department. A break in service within the department shall cause a loss of department seniority.
Department Seniority is understood to mean an employee's most recent date of continuous employment with the Port Everglades Department so long as the employee has been carried for payroll purposes as a regular employee. Port Everglades Department Seniority will be used for the purposes of layoff and recall.
Department Seniority. The departmental seniority date of each regular employee shall be defined as the first day of work of the most recent period of continuous service within that department in any Unit C position.
Department Seniority. Shall be defined as the total length of full-time employment with the Department and shall be determined in the first instance by reference to the date of commencement of employment. Employees hired on or after July 1, 2007 shall be ranked by the Town as of the date hired and a list shall be published. (See Appendix C)
Department Seniority. For matters directly affecting any of the departments in Group 1, employees in their respective operating departments shall be listed on the Seniority List by order of Group 1 seniority within their respective department.
Department Seniority. Total amount of time teaching in a particular 6-12 department counting only those years the teacher has taught at least three (3) classes/units in a department regardless of the school.