Employee Benefit Plans Sample Clauses

Employee Benefit Plans. Except as could not reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect, (a) Borrower, each of its Subsidiaries and each of their respective ERISA Affiliates are in compliance with all applicable provisions and requirements of ERISA and the Internal Revenue Code and the regulations and published interpretations thereunder with respect to each Employee Benefit Plan, and have performed all their obligations under each Employee Benefit Plan, (b) each Employee Benefit Plan which is intended to qualify under Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code has received a favorable determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service indicating that such Employee Benefit Plan is so qualified and, to the knowledge of Borrower, nothing has occurred subsequent to the issuance of such determination letter which would cause such Employee Benefit Plan to lose its qualified status, (c) no liability to the PBGC (other than required premium payments), the Internal Revenue Service, any Employee Benefit Plan or any trust established under Title IV of ERISA has been or is expected to be incurred by Borrower, any of its Subsidiaries or any of their ERISA Affiliates, (d) no ERISA Event has occurred or is reasonably expected to occur and (e) except to the extent required under Section 4980B of the Internal Revenue Code or similar state laws, no Employee Benefit Plan provides health or welfare benefits (through the purchase of insurance or otherwise) for any retired or former employee of Borrower, any of its Subsidiaries or any of their respective ERISA Affiliates. The present value of the aggregate benefit liabilities under each Pension Plan sponsored, maintained or contributed to by Borrower, any of its Subsidiaries or any of their ERISA Affiliates (determined as of the end of the most recent plan year on the basis of the actuarial assumptions specified for funding purposes in the most recent actuarial valuation for such Pension Plan), did not exceed the then-current aggregate value of the assets of such Pension Plan by more than $150,000,000. As of the most recent valuation date for each Multiemployer Plan for which the actuarial report is available, the potential liability of Borrower, its Subsidiaries and their respective ERISA Affiliates for a complete withdrawal from such Multiemployer Plan (within the meaning of Section 4203 of ERISA), when aggregated with such potential liability for a complete withdrawal from all Multiemployer Plans, based on information available p...
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Employee Benefit Plans. 15 ARTICLE THREE COVENANTS
Employee Benefit Plans. (a) iPrint has set forth in the iPrint Disclosure Schedule a complete and accurate list of each plan, program, policy, practice, contract, agreement or other arrangement providing for employment, compensation, retirement, deferred compensation, loans, severance, separation, relocation, repatriation, expatriation, visas, work permits, termination pay, performance awards, bonus, incentive, stock option, stock purchase, stock bonus, phantom stock, stock appreciation right, supplemental retirement, fringe benefits, cafeteria benefits, or other benefits, whether written or unwritten, including, without limitation, each "employee benefit plan" within the meaning of Section 3(3) of ERISA which is or has been sponsored, maintained, contributed to, or required to be contributed to by iPrint, any subsidiary of iPrint and, with respect to any such plans which are subject to Code Section 401(a), any trade or business (whether or not incorporated) which is or, at any relevant time, was treated as a single employer with iPrint within the meaning of Section 414(b), (c),(m) or (o) of the Code, (a "iPrint ERISA Affiliate") for the benefit of any ---------------------- person who performs or who has performed services for iPrint or with respect to which iPrint, any subsidiary, or iPrint ERISA Affiliate has or may have any liability (including, without limitation, contingent liability) or obligation (collectively, the "iPrint Employee Plans"). --------------------- (b) Documents. iPrint has furnished to Wood true and complete --------- copies of documents embodying each of the iPrint Employee Plans and related plan documents, including (without limitation) the most recent determination or opinion letter, trust documents, group annuity contracts, plan amendments, insurance policies or contracts, participant agreements, employee booklets, administrative service agreements, summary plan descriptions, summary of material modifications, compliance and nondiscrimination tests for the last three plan years, Form 5500 reports filed for the last three plan years, standard COBRA forms and related notices, and registration statements and prospectuses.
Employee Benefit Plans. 18 Section 3.18
Employee Benefit Plans. The Seller has provided and/or identified on Schedule 4.16 each "employee benefit plan," as defined in Section 3(3) of ERISA which (i) is subject to any provision of ERISA and (ii) is or was at any time during the last 5 years maintained, administered or contributed to by the Seller or any affiliate (as defined in Section 407(d)(7) of ERISA) and covers any employee or former employee of the Seller or any affiliate or under which the Seller or any affiliate has any liability. Such plans are referred to collectively herein as the "Employee Plans." None of the Employee Plans would, individually or collectively, constitute an "employee pension benefit plan" as defined in Section 3(2) of ERISA, including, without limitation, a "multiemployer plan," as defined in Section 3(37) of ERISA, or a "defined benefit plan," as defined in Section 3(35) and subject to Title IV of ERISA, and no Employee Plan is maintained in connection with any trust described in Section 501(c)(9) of the Code. It is understood and agreed that Buyer is not assuming any Employee Plans or liabilities associated therewith, and that the Seller shall retain all such Employee Plans, including all obligations deriving directly or indirectly from sponsoring or participating in such Employee Plans. Each Employee Plan has been maintained in compliance with its terms and the requirements prescribed by any and all statutes, orders, rules and regulations, including but not limited to, ERISA and the Code, which are applicable to such Plan. No assets of the Seller are or could be subject, directly or indirectly, to any liability or lien by reason of any action or inaction taken with respect to any Employee Plan maintained by the Seller. The Seller has no liability in respect of post-retirement health and medical benefits for retired employees of the Seller or any affiliate, determined using assumptions that are reasonable in the aggregate, over the fair market value of any fund, reserve or other assets segregated for the purpose of satisfying such liability (including for such purposes any fund established pursuant to Section 401(h) of the Code). The Seller has reserved its right to amend or terminate any Employee Plan or other benefit arrangement providing health or medical benefits in respect of any active employee of the Seller under the terms of any such plan and descriptions thereof given to employees. With respect to any Employee Plans which are "group health plans" under Section 4980B of the Code an...
Employee Benefit Plans. Each employee benefit plan as to which Borrower may have any liability complies in all material respects with all applicable requirements of law and regulations, and (i) no Reportable Event nor Prohibited Transaction (as defined in ERISA) has occurred with respect to any such plan, (ii) Borrower has not withdrawn from any such plan or initiated steps to do so, (iii) no steps have been taken to terminate any such plan, and (iv) there are no unfunded liabilities other than those previously disclosed to Lender in writing.
Employee Benefit Plans. (i) There shall occur one or more ERISA Events which individually or in the aggregate results in or might reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Effect during the term hereof or result in a Lien being imposed on the Collateral; or (ii) Company shall establish or contribute to any Employee Benefit Plan; or
Employee Benefit Plans. Neither the Borrower nor any ERISA Affiliate will:
Employee Benefit Plans. (a) Schedule 3.11(a) sets forth all material Employee Benefit Plans by name, including all amendments thereto, and identifies whether each Employee Benefit Plan is a Company Benefit Plan, a Seller Benefit Plan, or a Collective Bargaining Benefit Plan. No Company Benefit Plan is subject to the laws of a country other than the United States. Seller has made available to Buyer complete and correct copies of: (i) the most recent determination letter or opinion letter, if any, received by a Group Company from the IRS regarding each Qualified Plan, (ii) all pending applications for rulings, determinations or opinions with respect to any Company Benefit Plan or Qualified Plan, if any, filed with any Governmental Entity (including the Department of Labor and the IRS), (iii) all material correspondence to or from any Governmental Entity with respect to any Company Benefit Plan; (iv) the financial statements (if any) for each Company Benefit Plan for the two (2) most recent fiscal or Company Benefit Plan years for which such financial statements are available (in audited form if required by ERISA) and, where applicable, Annual Report/Returns (Forms 5500) with disclosure schedules, if any, and attachments for each Company Benefit Plan for the two (2) most recent fiscal or Company Benefit Plan years for which such Annual Report/Return (Form 5500) is available, (v) the most recently prepared actuarial valuation report for each Company Benefit Plan (including reports prepared for funding, deduction and financial accounting purposes), if applicable, (vi) all material Company Benefit Plan documents, trust agreements, insurance contracts, service agreements and related material contracts and documents, with respect to each Company Benefit Plan (and, with respect to any material unwritten Company Benefit Plan, a written summary of the material terms and conditions thereof), (vii) collective bargaining agreements (including memorandums of understanding and other side letter agreements), if any, relating to the establishment, maintenance, funding and operation of any Company Benefit Plan, and (viii) summaries of each material Seller Benefit Plan. No Company Benefit Plan provides benefits for any employee of Seller or an Affiliate of Seller (other than a Group Company). No Seller Benefit Plan provides benefits solely to employees of the Group Companies.
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