Former Employee definition

Former Employee means an individual who has severed employment with the Employer or an Affiliated Employer.
Former Employee means any person formerly employed as an Employee.
Former Employee means all individuals (including common law employees, independent contractors and individual consultants) who were employed or engaged by the Company in connection with the Business but who are no longer so employed or engaged on the date hereof.

Examples of Former Employee in a sentence

  • Former Employee acknowledges and confirms that the description/naming of the Severance Payment as such, is done solely and exclusively for her benefit so that the Former Employee may realize any real or perceived benefits from a taxing or income perspective.

  • AZGA and Former Employee state that each has carefully read this Agreement, that it has been fully explained (or that it/she has voluntarily and knowingly elected not to receive such explanation), that it/she fully understands its final and binding effect, that the only promises made to it/her to sign the Agreement are those stated herein, and that it/he is signing this Agreement voluntarily.

  • Former Employee represents and warrants that she has not assigned or transferred, purported to assign or transfer, and will not assign or transfer, any matter or claim herein released.

  • AZGA and Former Employee have executed this Agreement as of the Effective Date: AZGA Service Canada Inc.

  • Each Parent Corporate Employee or Former Employee who holds a Parent RSU, whether vested or unvested, that is outstanding immediately prior to the Distribution shall receive, as of the Distribution, a number of SpinCo RSUs equal to the product, rounded up to the nearest whole number of shares, obtained by multiplying (1) the number of shares of Parent Common Stock subject to the corresponding Parent RSU immediately prior to the Distribution by (2) the Distribution Ratio.

More Definitions of Former Employee

Former Employee means any person who has been employed or engaged as an independent contractor by the Company during the Look Back Period.
Former Employee means an Employee who had a severance from employment with the Employer or an Affiliated Employer.
Former Employee means any person who was employed by CEC on or after the Effective Date and who is no longer employed by CEC.
Former Employee means any individual whose employment with the Merck Group terminated on or prior to the Distribution Date, excluding any employee absent from work immediately prior to the Distribution Date on account of long-term disability or workers’ compensation leave (in each case, to the extent not treated as a separated employee for employment purposes), vacation, jury duty, funeral leave, personal leave, sickness, short-term disability, military leave, family leave, pay continuation leave, or other approved leave of absence or for whom an obligation to recall, rehire or otherwise return to employment exists under a contractual obligation or Law.
Former Employee means one who was, and is no longer, an employee of the Commission.
Former Employee means a person who has been an employee of the Company or any parent or subsidiary of the Company within the twelve-month period prior to the date of determination.
Former Employee means an individual who was an employee who terminated employment with the applicable local unit of government.