Documents Sample Clauses

Documents. The Warrant Agent shall be protected and shall incur no liability for or in respect of any action taken or omitted by it in reliance upon any Warrant Certificate, notice, direction, consent, certificate, affidavit, statement or other paper or document reasonably believed by it to be genuine and to have been presented or signed by the proper parties.
Documents. The Fund has furnished or will furnish, upon request, ALPS with copies of the Fund’s Declaration of Trust, advisory agreement, custodian agreement, transfer agency agreement, administration agreement, current prospectus, statement of additional information, periodic Fund reports, and all forms relating to any plan, program or service offered by the Fund. The Fund shall furnish, within a reasonable time period, to ALPS a copy of any amendment or supplement to any of the above-mentioned documents. Upon request, the Fund shall furnish promptly to ALPS any additional documents necessary or advisable to perform its functions hereunder. As used in this Agreement the terms “registration statement,” “prospectus” and “statement of additional information” shall mean any registration statement, prospectus and statement of additional information filed by the Fund with the SEC and any amendments and supplements thereto that are filed with the SEC.
Documents. The Manager has delivered to the Subadvisor copies of each of the following documents and will deliver to it all future amendments and supplements, if any:
Documents. The Trust has delivered properly certified or authenticated copies of each of the following documents to the Manager and will deliver to it all future amendments and supplements thereto, if any:
Documents. The Company has provided to Parent (i) correct and complete copies of all documents embodying or relating to each Company Employee Plan and each Employee Agreement including all amendments thereto and written interpretations thereof; (ii) the most recent annual actuarial valuations, if any, prepared for each Company Employee Plan; (iii) the three most recent annual reports (Series 5500 and all schedules thereto), if any, required under ERISA or the Code in connection with each Company Employee Plan or related trust; (iv) if the Company Employee Plan is funded, the most recent annual and periodic accounting of Company Employee Plan assets; (v) the most recent summary plan description together with the most recent summary of material modifications, if any, required under ERISA with respect to each Company Employee Plan; (vi) all IRS determination letters and rulings relating to Company Employee Plans and copies of all applications and correspondence to or from the IRS or the Department of Labor ("DOL") with respect to any Company Employee Plan; (vii) all communications material to any Employee or Employees relating to any Company Employee Plan and any proposed Company Employee Plans, in each case, relating to any amendments, terminations, establishments, increases or decreases in benefits, acceleration of payments or vesting schedules or other events which would result in any material liability to the Company; and (viii) all registration statements and prospectuses prepared in connection with each Company Employee Plan.
Documents. Agent shall not be under a duty to examine or pass upon the validity, effectiveness, enforceability, genuineness or value of any of the Loan Documents or any other instrument or document furnished pursuant thereto or in connection therewith, and Agent shall be entitled to assume that the same are valid, effective, enforceable and genuine and what they purport to be.
Documents. Administrative Agent shall have received each of the following documents, each of which shall be reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent (and to the extent specified below to each Lender) in form and substance:
Documents. The Administrative Agent shall be under no duty to examine, inquire into, or pass upon the validity, effectiveness or genuineness of this Agreement, any Note, any other Loan Document, or any instrument, document or communication furnished pursuant hereto or in connection herewith, and the Administrative Agent shall be entitled to assume that they are valid, effective and genuine, have been signed or sent by the proper parties and are what they purport to be.
Documents. In connection with the appointment of FTIS, the Investment Company shall, within a reasonable period of time for FTIS to prepare to perform its duties hereunder, deliver to FTIS the following documents: