Applicable Agreements definition

Applicable Agreements has the meaning given in Section 6(i).

Examples of Applicable Agreements in a sentence

  • Notwithstanding any requirements under the Applicable Agreements to the contrary, the Parties will retain Shared Personal Data only as necessary to carry out the Purposes or otherwise in accordance with the Temporary Specification and as permitted under Applicable Laws, and thereafter must delete or return all Shared Personal Data accordingly.

  • Non-Reliance: Applicable Agreements and Acknowledgments Regarding Hedging Activities: Applicable Additional Acknowledgments: Applicable 4.

  • The Parties will Process Shared Personal Data only as necessary to perform under and pursuant to the Applicable Agreements, and subject to this Data Processing Addendum, including as further instructed by Data Subjects.

  • Processing of Shared Personal Data under this Data Processing Addendum by the Parties is for the limited purpose of provisioning, servicing, managing and maintaining domain names, as required of Registries and Registrars under the Applicable Agreements with ICANN, including to the extent those purposes serve to ensure the stability and security of the Domain Name System and to support the lawful, proper and legitimate use of the services offered by the Parties.

  • The terms of all Applicable Agreements and any other MPF Program related agreement, contract, announcement, or other document or communication that pre-date the reorganized Guide publication of July 29, 2016, that include prior Guide references, remain legallybinding and enforceable.

More Definitions of Applicable Agreements

Applicable Agreements means the Cross-License Agreement and the Sublicense Agreement.
Applicable Agreements means those agreements and other instruments identified on Schedule 1 to the Opinion Support Certificate.
Applicable Agreements means capital protection, put, capital enhancement, risk monitoring agreements or any other substantially similar contracts, including but not limited to such agreements entered into with affiliates of BNPPB.
Applicable Agreements has the meaning set forth in the Forbearance Agreement.
Applicable Agreements means, collectively, the Assigned Agreements and the Credit Default Swaps.
Applicable Agreements means those agreements and other instruments identified in the Opinion Support Certificate.