Default Under Sample Clauses

Default Under. This Debenture. Should the Company (i) default in the payment of any installment of principal or interest as and within five (5) days of when due, (ii) default in the payment of any other amount due under this Debenture as and when due or (iii) default in the performance of any other covenant, condition or agreement (including a Holder’s conversion option) contained in this Debenture or the Warrant Agreements and such default shall remain unremedied fifteen (15) days after the occurrence thereof.
Default Under the New Loan Agreement. If there shall occur any "Event of Default," as defined in Article 7 of the New Loan Agreement.
Default Under. If there shall exist any “default” or “event of default” under the *****.
Default Under. This Security Agreement. If TES shall breach, violate or fail to perform or observe any covenant, obligation, agreement, condition or other provision contained in this Security Agreement, and the same is not cured to the reasonable satisfaction of the Representative within thirty (30) days after the Secured Parties has specified such default in a written notice delivered to TES.
Default Under. Any Other Indebtedness or Agreement with the Bank. The occurrence of any default under the terms of any other written agreement between the Company and the Bank which now or hereafter exists, and any subsequent extensions or amendments thereof;
Default Under. Any Transaction Agreement. An Event of Default occurs and continues under any Transaction Agreement;

Related to Default Under

  • Event of Default Defined Acceleration of Maturity; Waiver of Default. "Event of Default" with respect to Securities of any series wherever used herein, means each one of the following events which shall have occurred and be continuing (whatever the reason for such Event of Default and whether it shall be voluntary or involuntary or be effected by operation of law or pursuant to any judgment, decree or order of any court or any order, rule or regulation of any administrative or governmental body):

  • No Event of Default, etc No condition or event has occurred or exists which constitutes or which, after notice or lapse of time or both, would constitute an Event of Default.

  • Default Events (a) Any material breach of the Funding Agreement by the Recipient, including those set out below, will be an event of default (“Default Event”):

  • Default or Event of Default No Default or Event of Default hereunder has occurred or is continuing or will occur as a result of the giving effect hereto.

  • Event of Default; Waiver The Holders of a Majority in Liquidation Amount of the Preferred Securities may, on behalf of the Holders, waive any past Event of Default and its consequences. Upon such waiver, any such Event of Default shall cease to exist, and any Event of Default arising therefrom shall be deemed to have been cured, for every purpose of this Guarantee Agreement, but no such waiver shall extend to any subsequent or other default or Event of Default or impair any right consequent therefrom.

  • Event of Default; Notice (a) The Guarantee Trustee shall, within 90 days after the occurrence of an Event of Default, transmit by mail, first class postage prepaid, to the Holders, notices of all Events of Default known to the Guarantee Trustee, unless such defaults have been cured before the giving of such notice, provided, that, except in the case of a default in the payment of a Guarantee Payment, the Guarantee Trustee shall be protected in withholding such notice if and so long as the Board of Directors, the executive committee or a trust committee of directors and/or Responsible Officers of the Guarantee Trustee in good faith determines that the withholding of such notice is in the interests of the Holders.

  • Event of Default a statement that such officer has reviewed the relevant terms hereof and has made, or caused to be made, under his or her supervision, a review of the transactions and conditions of the Company and its Subsidiaries from the beginning of the quarterly or annual period covered by the statements then being furnished to the date of the certificate and that such review shall not have disclosed the existence during such period of any condition or event that constitutes a Default or an Event of Default or, if any such condition or event existed or exists (including, without limitation, any such event or condition resulting from the failure of the Company or any Subsidiary to comply with any Environmental Law), specifying the nature and period of existence thereof and what action the Company shall have taken or proposes to take with respect thereto.

  • Additional Event of Default The following will constitute an additional Event of Default with respect to Party B: "NOTE ACCELERATION NOTICE. A Note Acceleration Notice is served on Party B in relation to the Series [1/2] Class [A/B/C] Fifth Issuer Notes."

  • Default by Owner If one or more of the following Events of Default shall occur and be continuing, that is to say:

  • Default; Breach A “Default” is defined as a failure by the Lessee to comply with or perform any of the terms, covenants, conditions or Rules and Regulations under this Lease. A “Breach” is defined as the occurrence of one or more of the following Defaults, and the failure of Lessee to cure such Default within any applicable grace period: