Not Waived Sample Clauses

Not Waived. Vacation may not be waived by an employee, nor may extra pay be received for work during that period; provided, however, that by prior mutual agreement between the Employer, the employee and the Union, this provision may be waived.
Not Waived. 20 8.3 INDUSTRY VACATION 20 8.4 SCHEDULING 20
Not Waived. 19 8.3 INDUSTRY VACATION 19 8.4 SCHEDULING 20
Not Waived. Nothing contained in this agreement shall be deemed to constitute the waiver by any Party of any right it would otherwise have to contest the validity of any law or any order or regulation of governmental authority (whether federal, state or local) relating to or affecting the conduct of operations within the Unit Area or to appeal from any such order.

Related to Not Waived

  • No Waiver, etc The failure of Landlord or Tenant to seek redress for violation of, or to insist upon the strict performance of, any covenant or condition of this Lease shall not be deemed a waiver of such violation nor prevent a subsequent act, which would have originally constituted a violation, from having all the force and effect of an original violation. The receipt by Landlord of rent with knowledge of the breach of any covenant of this Lease shall not be deemed to have been a waiver of such breach by Landlord, or by Tenant, unless such waiver be in writing signed by the party to be charged. No consent or waiver, express or implied, by Landlord or Tenant to or of any breach of any agreement or duty shall be construed as a waiver or consent to or of any other breach of the same or any other agreement or duty.