Profit Sharing definition

Profit Sharing means cash payments for Profit Sharing paid pursuant to the applicable collective bargaining agreement, to hourly employees.
Profit Sharing shall have the meaning given in this Appendix I Clause 2. Delivery and Supply Price The Product will be manufactured, packaged and supplied by Oasmia to Hetero at Oasmia’ Cost of Goods Sold (“COGS”). Oasmia’s Supply Price shall be equivalent to Oasmia’s COGS. Hetero shall have right to audit the books of accounts for determining the validity of COGs provided by Oasmia.
Profit Sharing means a share of profits in accordance with Exhibit B attached hereto.

Examples of Profit Sharing in a sentence

  • Employer Profit Sharing Contributions Your "vested percentage" in your account attributable to profit sharing contributions is determined under the following schedule.

  • Contributions to the Ultimus Fund Solutions, LLC Retirement & Profit Sharing Plan to purchase shares of the Funds, and holdings of shares of the Funds within such Plan, are not required to be reported under Sections III and IV.

  • Profit Sharing Plan, any supplemental deferred compensation plan, and any other death, insurance, employee benefit plan or stock benefit plan provided to Executive by the Employer, according to the terms of the respective plans.

  • In the case of the Withdrawal of a Partner, such former Partner’s GP-Related Profit Sharing Percentages shall be allocated by the General Partner to one or more of the remaining Partners as the General Partner shall determine.

  • At the time of admission of each additional Partner, the General Partner shall determine in its sole discretion the GP-Related Investments and Capital Commitment Investments in which such Partner shall participate and such Partner’s GP-Related Commitment, Capital Commitment-Related Commitment, GP-Related Profit Sharing Percentage with respect to each such GP-Related Investment and Capital Commitment Profit Sharing Percentage with respect to each such Capital Commitment Investment.

More Definitions of Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing shall equal the gross revenues generated by the "Family Survival Kit" and received for project sales, either through the infomercial videotape sales or the added value products to be used to increase videotape sales, less the following:
Profit Sharing. For Qualified Games in which LxxxxxX has brought to the Platform (and for which RC has approved to be on such Platform), RC agrees to pay LedgerZ the following percentages of its Net Profit;
Profit Sharing means the employee profit sharing provided for pursuant to the Assumed Modified CBAs and the Postpetition CBAs.
Profit Sharing. A fiscal year annual profit sharing per "Intermet designated Sr. Officers Profit Sharing Plan". Your share will be 0.2% (.0020) of Intermet's audited annual pretax earnings before minority interest and profit sharing, payable by April of the following year. (Partial years will be paid pro-rata.) Further, we guarantee a bonus of $120,000, (One Hundred & twenty Thousand Dollars), or the above plan, which ever is higher for your first two years of employment. SIGNING BONUS: Stock grant of 2500 Intermet common shares at commencement of employment and, 7500 restricted Intermet common shares (in your name) held in escrow, with full voting rights and dividends, if any, paid directly to you. The restricted stock will vest at a rate of 2500 shares each employment anniversary. Intermet will gross up the imputed income to make the signing bonus transactions tax-free to you. page 2 Neilxxx xxxposal STOCK OPTIONS: 20,000 shares, priced on the first full day of employment. EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT: Twenty four (24) months. After the first 12 months the agreement becomes a one year "Evergreen," i.e., each additional day you are employed adds another day to the to the employment contract. (The employment contract is subject to the additional terms listed in "Attachment A.")
Profit Sharing has the meaning set forth in Section 8.2.(b)(i).
Profit Sharing means amounts payable to Jordan pursuant to paragraphs 1, 3 and 4 of this EXHIBIT "B." In all events, the total amount of guaranteed compensation due to Jordan hereunder shall not exceed *****.
Profit Sharing by no means guarantees workers material advantages. Whatever guise it may take this technique is essentially a form of indirect wage, which serves to increase the worker's dependence on his employer. The worker does not know in advance how much he will receive. Furthermore the size of the supplement the workers are to receive is made dependent on the state of the market, which means that workers are deprived of such supplements at the very time when they need them most.