Former Employees definition

Former Employees means Former Parent Group Employees and Former SpinCo Group Employees.
Former Employees means a former member of management of Icahn Enterprises (or any of its Subsidiaries (including any Guarantors)), other than the Principal, who voluntarily or upon any other termination is no longer employed by any of Icahn Enterprises or any of its Subsidiaries (including any Guarantors) and who holds Equity Interests that are required to be redeemed or purchased pursuant to any contractual requirements upon such termination of employment.
Former Employees means all individuals who have been employed by the Selling Entities (or any of their predecessors) who are not Current Employees.

Examples of Former Employees in a sentence

  • Reference: Board Policy 375, 377 2.19 Reinstatement of Former Employees or Other Former State EmployeesYears of employment with a state agency or institution of higher education is an accumulation of years of service.

  • Employee may elect option form based on actuarial equivalent Employees Covered by Benefit Terms:Active Employees 7Deferred Vested Former Employees 0Retirees or Retiree Beneficiaries 4Total 11 Contribution Requirements: The Board has the authority to set and amend contribution rates by ordinance for the OMRF defined benefit plan.

  • Cavalluzzo is already familiar with the relevant issues because it is class counsel in a class action commenced on March 16, 2022 against PGH, among others, and bearing court file number CV-22-678525-CP (the “ Class Action”) seeking compensation for the Former Employees arising from the employees’ termination.

  • Vernon, IL; Notice of Negative Determination on RemandOn September 25, 2006, the U.S. Court of International Trade (USCIT) granted the U.S. Department of Labor’s motion for a voluntary remand in Former Employees of Joy Technologies, Inc.

  • For the avoidance of any doubt, Sections 6(k)(i) shall not apply to Qualified Former Employees.

More Definitions of Former Employees

Former Employees means all individuals as to whom an employer-employee relationship with any Group Member existed prior to the Closing Date, but does not exist on the Closing Date, who remain entitled to benefits under any applicable welfare or benefit plan or program.
Former Employees shall have the meaning specified in Section 5.2(f).
Former Employees shall refer to employees who are not employed by the Company at the time of the attempted recruiting or hiring, but were employed by, or working for the Company in the three (3) months prior to the time of the attempted recruiting or hiring and/or interference. D.
Former Employees means the Former Retained Business Employees and the Former SpinCo Group Employees.
Former Employees means individuals other than Employees who at any time prior to the date of this Agreement performed services as an Employee primarily for the Company.
Former Employees means, with respect to each Group, all former employees of Tenneco and/or its Subsidiaries (including, but not limited to, such employees who, as of the close of business on the Distribution Date, are on leave of absence, long-term disability or layoff with recall rights) who, if they were regularly engaged in the performance of services to, for or on behalf of Tenneco or any of its Subsidiaries at the close of business on the Distribution Date, would be an Active Employee of such Group, determined on a basis consistent with the determination of the Active Employees of such Group.
Former Employees means the three former employees of SGS named as defendants in the Tax Evasion Case.