Group Health Plan Sample Clauses

Group Health Plan. The term “Group Health Plan” for purposes of this Agreement shall mean the group health plan maintained by any member of the Post Group for the purpose of providing medical, dental and vision benefits for the employees of the Post Group and any Affiliates.
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Group Health Plan. The University will offer group health coverage for medical, prescription, dental, and vision coverage to all eligible Bargaining Unit Members for the duration of this contract. Detailed descriptions of the group health plan(s) will be maintained in Human Resources and all plan participants will be provided summary descriptions of each Plan. During the contract period, the University will maintain a prescription formulary and preferred provider list similar to that in place in 2018.
Group Health Plan i. There shall be an annual deductable paid by the employee in the amount of $50.00 for single coverage or $100.00 for family coverage which is applicable prior to any reimbursement under the plan.
Group Health Plan. Group Health Plan shall mean the plan that is the subject of the GASB 75 Valuation Report which constitutes a covered entity under the Privacy Rules.
Group Health Plan. The Company will, at its expense (except that the premium cost for June 2007 is a Prepaid Expense), for the benefit of its employees immediately prior to the Closing, continue in effect its existing employee group health insurance coverage until June 30, 2007. Any payments normally made by such employees to the Company for such coverage may after the Closing, at Purchaser’s discretion, be charged by Purchaser to such employees for coverage during June 2007.
Group Health Plan. The Executive and his/her spouse shall be covered, if and to the extent eligible thereunder, by the group health plan maintained by the Company (the “Group Health Plan”). During the Term, but only if the Group Health Plan is fully insured, Nxxx shall pay the full cost of premiums for such coverage for the Executive and his/her spouse;
Group Health Plan. Prior to Closing, the Company and HSW agree to take all reasonable measures to assist Buyer in establishing a new health insurance arrangement for the employees of the Company and HSW, as contemplated in Section 6.9.
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Group Health Plan. Buyer agrees that at and after Closing, the employees of the Company and HSW shall no longer participate in the same group health plan. Prior to Closing, Buyer, at its expense, shall either (i) establish a new self-insured group health plan to provide health care coverage as of Closing for the employees and COBRA beneficiaries of the Company, with employees and COBRA beneficiaries of HSW remaining on the current plan sponsored by the Company and HSW and the Company no longer remaining a participating employer; or (ii) with the cooperation and consent of the Company and HSW (which shall not be unreasonably or arbitrarily withheld, conditioned or delayed), establish separate health plan coverage for employees of the Company and HSW under some other arrangement that is not a “multiple employer welfare arrangement” (as such term is defined in Section 3(40) of ERISA or by applicable state law). The parties shall take reasonable steps to seek to reduce disruption to employees, including, if consistent with the above and reasonably practicable, to (i) provide substantially similar coverage at the same cost to employees as the current group health plan, and (ii) maintain current year deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums (with amounts paid toward same to date).
Group Health Plan. From the date of this Agreement until the Effective Time, MBC and its Subsidiaries shall continue to fund all expenses of the MBC Group Health Plan ("MBC Health Plan"), including but not limited to, benefits, insurance premiums and administrative fees, attributable to claims incurred on or prior to the Effective Time. If FIC decides that it wants to terminate the MBC Health Plan at or shortly after the Effective Time and thereafter to cover continuing employees under its own group health plan, MBC and its Subsidiaries shall take such action in respect of the MBC Health Plan prior to the Effective Time as FIC reasonably may request so that it will be able to effect such termination and transfer of coverage in a prompt and efficient manner.
Group Health Plan. Republic shall continue to maintain its group health plan for so long as there are any employees at either Republic or any ERISA Affiliate; provided, however, that Republic may terminate such group health plan prior to the termination of all such employees if and when it becomes prohibitively expensive for Republic to maintain such group health plan, but in no event shall such plan be terminated prior to January 1, 2003.
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