On schedule definition

On schedule means the local government’s performance on an open CDBG subgrant agreement is in accordance with the expenditure rates and accomplishments described in the contract’s Activity Work Plan. Expenditures shall be considered “on schedule” if the local government has received at least 90 percent of the amount projected in the work plan’s schedule of expenditures. Accomplishments shall be considered “on schedule” if an activity identified in the work plan is not more than two months past the scheduled completion date.
On schedule. A" (the "Pledged Shares");
On schedule means that, relative to a specific Project and its associated project schedule and as of the specific date and draw request for which the oversight procedures contemplated by the Loan Agreement are carried out, the work which has been wholly or partially completed is not more than ninety (90) days delayed during each of three consecutive months relative to the progress of the work contemplated by the project schedule.

Examples of On schedule in a sentence

  • On schedule, or when the database file exceeds a certain amount of wasted space, the compaction process clones all the active data to a new file and then discards the old file.

  • Participants must substantially meet the following two benchmarks to receive Completion TRA: • Maintain satisfactory academic standing (e.g. not on probation or determined to be “at risk” by the instructor or training institution); and• On schedule to complete training within the timeframe identified in the approved training plan.

  • Frequency and Dosage (check one) As needed, as labeled On schedule, as labeled Other: See Block 5l and/or Block 7 5g.

  • Dette skete som et led i et politisk ønske om at nytænke de resocialiserende indsatser i Kriminalforsorgen.

  • Frequency and Dosage (check one) As needed, as labeled On schedule, as labeled Other: See Block 6l and/or Block 7 6g.

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On schedule means [**]. Unless delay is caused by IBM's delay in its supply of Drives or IBM-supplied parts and components, StorageTek will arrange for premium transportation and pay, at StorageTek's sole cost and expense, for the difference between normal transportation and such premium transportation, including, but not limited to, air transportation and expedited freight charges. StorageTek also agrees to provide, at IBM's request, an action plan to correct late shipments and to resolve any Delivery problems.
On schedule. A" for a specified Month.
On schedule. I to the most recent Assignment and Acceptance to which such Lender is a party), as such amount may be modified from time to time pursuant to the provisions hereof.
On schedule means achieved commercial operations prior to the term conversion deadline under the project construction credit facilities.
On schedule. A" hereto. The warrants set forth in Schedule "A" are deemed to be consideration for all of the covenants herein, including, but not limited to the services of Xxxxxxx as a consultant and member of the Board of Directors of the Company. The warrant rights under this Agreement (and any other rights hereunder for payment to Xxxxxxx) shall replace and supercede all rights of Xxxxxxx under any prior agreement between and amongst Xxxxxxx and the Company.
On schedule means the laws of the country favour third party access, and there are sound practices of market access.
On schedule. A" are all non-disclosure, non-competition, and non-solicitation agreements that I signed with previous employers. I have also attached copies of all such agreements in my possession. To the best of my knowledge, there are no other agreements between me and any other person or entity concerning non-disclosure of proprietary information, non-competition, or non-solicitation. I have reviewed the agreements listed on Schedule "A," and I have complied with and will continue to comply with all of the lawful terms of these agreements, including the preservation as confidential of all trade secret and confidential information pertaining to my previous employers.