Deferred Compensation Plan Sample Clauses

Deferred Compensation Plan. Manager shall be eligible to participate in the First Mid-Illinois Bancshares, Inc. Deferred Compensation Plan in accordance with the terms and conditions of such Plan.
Deferred Compensation Plan. A. The State will continue the program which will permit eligible adjunct faculty in this negotiating unit who are in PERS to voluntarily authorize deferment of a portion of their earned base salary so that the funds deferred can be placed in an Internal Revenue Service-approved Federal Tax exempt investment plan. The deferred income so invested and the interest or other income return on the investment are intended to be exempt from current Federal Income Taxation until the individual employee withdraws or otherwise receives such funds as provided in the plan. It is understood that the State shall be solely responsible for the administration of the plan and the determination of policies, conditions and regulations governing its implementation and use. The State shall provide information describing the plan as well as a required enrollment or other forms to all employees. It is further understood that the maximum amount of deferrable income under this plan shall be up to the amount allowable by law.
Deferred Compensation Plan. The Employer agrees to provide employees with a State-paid contribution to the deferred compensation program under Minn. Stat. 352.96. The State-paid contribution shall be in an amount matching the employee's contribution on a dollar for dollar basis as permitted by Minn. Stat. 356.24 not to exceed two hundred dollars ($200.00) per employee in each fiscal year of the Agreement. An employee may choose to convert some or all of his/her compensatory time bank one time during each fiscal year at a time of their choosing so long as the total hours converted in a fiscal year do not exceed forty (40).
Deferred Compensation Plan. During the Employment Period, the Executive shall be entitled to continue to participate in any deferred compensation or similar plans in which executive officers of the Company and its affiliated companies participate.
Deferred Compensation Plan. “Deferred Compensation Plan” means the Cinergy Corp. Non-Qualified Deferred Incentive Compensation Plan or any similar plan or successor to that plan.
Deferred Compensation Plan. A deferred compensation plan is available to all employees, providing tax-deferred savings and/or a retirement supplement. An employee may annually contribute to the City's designated deferred compensation plan up to the maximum amount allowed by federal and state law through a payroll deduction program (also see Section 8.01.
Deferred Compensation Plan. The Executive has the opportunity to defer certain amounts fully earned under annual and long-term incentive plans into the Company’s deferred compensation plan, as available to senior management from time to time (the “Deferred Compensation Plan”). The amounts deferred will be held in a fixed number of shares of NVR, Inc. common stock within a Rabbi Trust, and will be distributed to the Executive upon separation of service from the Company. All amounts held for the Executive by the Rabbi Trust pursuant to the Deferred Compensation Plan will be fully vested and not subject to forfeiture for any reason, regardless of the reason for termination. Distributions will be made pursuant to the terms of the Deferred Compensation Plan, subject to the Company’s Financial Policies and Procedures File 1.21, Deferred Compensation Plan Administration, and File 1.34, Insider Information, Trading, Tipping and Compliance (Executive Officers and Directors).
Deferred Compensation Plan. (a) At the Effective Time, the Deferred Compensation Plan shall be amended so that each CBRE Stock Fund Unit (as defined in the Deferred Compensation Plan) shall thereafter represent the right to receive a share of the common stock of Holding in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Deferred Compensation Plan. Each participant in the Deferred Compensation Plan who has CBRE Stock Fund Units that are vested as of the Effective Time and are credited to his or her account as of the Effective Time ("Vested CBRE Stock Fund Units") will be required, prior to the Effective Time, to make one of the following elections with respect to such Vested CBRE Stock Fund Units: (i) convert the value of his or her Vested CBRE Stock Fund Units (based upon the Merger Consideration) into any of the insurance mutual fund or interest index fund alternatives provided under the Deferred Compensation Plan as of the Effective Time, or (ii) continue to hold the Vested CBRE Stock Fund Units in his or her account under the Deferred Compensation Plan; provided, however, that the election set forth in the foregoing clause (ii) shall only be available to participants in the Deferred Compensation Plan who have Vested CBRE Stock Fund Units and are United States employees of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries or independent contractors of the Company or its Subsidiaries in the states of California, New York, Illinois or Washington, in each of the foregoing cases as of the Effective Time.