By Operation of Law Sample Clauses

By Operation of Law. This Contract is subject to such modifications as may be required by changes in Federal or Colorado State law, or their implementing regulations. Any such required modification automatically shall be incorporated into and be part of this Contract on the effective date of such change, as if fully set forth herein.
By Operation of Law. 1 An employee shall be suspended by operation of law if they are deprived of their liberty by virtue of a legal measure. This shall not apply if the deprivation of liberty follows from a measure taken in the interests of public health other than on the grounds of the Psychiatric Hospitals (Compulsory Admissions) Act.
By Operation of Law. This SCIA is subject to such modifications as may be required by changes in federal or state law, or their implementing regulations. Any such required modification shall automatically be incorporated into and be part of this SCIA on the effective date of such change, as if fully set forth herein. Either party may terminate this SCIA by written notice to the other if said changes in federal or state law impact the ability of either Party to perform it obligations pursuant to the terms of this SCIA.
By Operation of Law. Except in connection with a consolidation, merger or sale involving the Depositor that is permitted under Article XII of the Indenture and pursuant to which the assignee agrees in writing to perform the Depositor's obligations hereunder, the Depositor shall not assign its obligations hereunder.
By Operation of Law. If Shares owned of record or beneficially by a Stockholder are Transferred by operation of law to any person or entity other than a Stockholder, including, without limitation, to the bankruptcy estate or to the trustee in bankruptcy of a Stockholder or to a purchaser at any creditor's or judicial sale or for the benefit of creditors of a Stockholder (but not including (a) any Transfer to the Company or pursuant to a foreclosure of a Pledge by an Institution or the Company, (b) any Transfer to the guardian, conservator or committee of an incompetent Stockholder, (c) any Transfer in a bankruptcy proceeding of Shares that are Pledged to an Institution or the Company, or (d) any Transfer upon the death of a Stockholder), (an "Involuntary Transfer") then, in each such case, such Stockholder shall be deemed to have offered all of his, her or its Shares to all Stockholders who are then parties to this Agreement prior to such Involuntary Transfer in the manner described in Section 4.2 hereof. The Company shall notify the appropriate Stockholders of the occurrence of such Involuntary Transfer as soon as practicable after it is notified of the same.
By Operation of Law. 7.2.1 Except in the cases mentioned in Article 7.1.1, the employment contract for an employee who is employed for a definite period will end by operation of law on the calendar date or last day of the period mentioned in the individual employment contract, i.e. without any notice of termination being required. The Employer will inform an employee who has an employment contract for a definite period of six months or longer, in writing, no later than one month before the relevant employment contract expires, whether or not the employment contract will be continued. Early termination is subject to a one-month notice period. The provisions of Article 670(1) and (3) DCC (prohibition of termination during incapacity for work and during military service) do not apply to employment contracts for a definite period.
By Operation of Law. If at any time during the term of this Agreement Executive is employed by any company a majority of the voting securities of which is then owned by Employer, "EMPLOYER" as used in this Agreement shall in addition include that subsidiary company. In that event, Employer agrees that it shall pay or shall cause the subsidiary company to pay any amounts owed to Executive pursuant to this Agreement.
By Operation of Law. Either party may terminate this Agreement by giving the other ninety (90) days advance written notice, to be served as provided herein upon the occurrence of any one of the following events:
By Operation of Law. The Partiesfinancial participation is subject to annual appropriation and budgeting by each. This IGA is not intended to, nor does it, create a multi-year fiscal obligation as defined by Section 20, Article X of the Constitution of the State of Colorado. Should either party fail to appropriate funds for any fiscal year, this IGA shall terminate by operation of law at the end of the fiscal year. The BOCC’s fiscal year ends on December 31.
By Operation of Law. In no case shall the purchaser attach the deposit or bank guarantee or block the bank guarantee in any other way.