Written Document definition

Written Document means any kind of scripted written document and the word shall also mean any audio visual materials collected and updated through any medium or that can be printed or retrieved.
Written Document. (書面文件) means any document or similar
Written Document means a document that is handwritten or typed informing consumers about New Jersey take-back programs.

Examples of Written Document in a sentence

  • Docket No. 13-9 0 4 9 -22- it is determined that service was proper, the judge must render a default judgment in the following manner: ( 1) Claim Based on Written Document.

  • If the dedication is for a street right-of-way that, by the location of the dedication area, would divide a tract into two parcels, the plat shall be created as a Final Subdivision Plat in conformance with Section2-108 (Requirements for Improvements) 2-109.302 Dedication by Written Document (Deed or Instrument) A written document in the form acceptable to the Town Attorney may be used for dedications in lieu of a plat.

  • Energy opportunities will evolve over time—and as more Phase 0 Describes How To:£ 0.1 Compile a List of Energy Opportunities£ 0.2 Identify Decision Makers and Resources£ 0.3 Convene Decision Makers for Initial Discussions£ 0.4 Record the Transition Commitment in a Written Document people join the conversation—so they should resonate with key decision makers and should be informed by readily available energy data, such as prices, fuel mixes, and current analyses of the energy system.

  • Written: Document accurately by computer entry or handwrite legibly in patients' charts and records.Ability to describe in a factual manner any medical information or incidents that occur.

  • Energy opportunities will evolve over time—and as more Phase 0 Describes How To:□ 0.1 Compile a List of Energy Opportunities□ 0.2 Identify Decision Makers and Resources□ 0.3 Convene Decision Makers for Initial Discussions□ 0.4 Record the Transition Commitment in a Written Document people join the conversation—so they should resonate with key decision makers and should be informed by readily available energy data, such as prices, fuel mixes, and current analyses of the energy system.

  • For Core Languages for Written Document Language Translation: A Contractor who fails to provide Written Document Language Translation services for Core Languages within one (1) day for up to ten (10) pages of Expedited requests and within one (1) week for up to twenty (20) pages of Routine requests of the State’s request, will be assessed liquidated damages.

  • The committee members must grade the written product using the corresponding form (Appendix F: Dissertation Prospectus Examination Form: Written Document) and complete the rating form before the oral defense.

  • The Contractor shall submit any Written Document related changes to the Interpreter Procedure Manual to the Contract Administrator within two (2) weeks of the Interpreter Procedure Manual being revised.

  • The amount of the liquidated damages will be the difference between the Contractor’s approved rate for Written Document Language Translation and the rate incurred by the Requesting Agency/Entity to obtain the services through another written document translation company (at that company’s one-time use rates) for the total price of that work request.

  • The Contractor shall make every effort to quantify and document benefits and incorporate them into the Final Written Document and technology transfer activities as required in this Agreement.

More Definitions of Written Document

Written Document refers to any manuscript, printed document or typed document or document bearing seal and/or signature.
Written Document. District administrators shall evaluate each teacher formally in writing.
Written Document means non-electronic and electronic documents (such as e-mails) which objectively confirm the producer message related to the date of production and/or the date of dispatch and delivery.

Related to Written Document

  • T E Document means Tender Enquiry Document

  • Credit Document means any of this Agreement, the Notes, if any, the Collateral Documents, any documents or certificates executed by Company in favor of Issuing Bank relating to Letters of Credit, and all other documents, instruments or agreements executed and delivered by a Credit Party for the benefit of any Agent, Issuing Bank or any Lender in connection herewith.

  • Scope Document means the document (if any) that is provided with and becomes part of the Order Form and which defines sometimes in conjunction with a Service Description (as applicable) the Services to be provided.

  • Related Document any agreement, certificate, document or instrument relating to a Letter of Credit.

  • Bidding Document means set of documents prepared by PSDF which consists of “Instructions to Training Providers”, TORs and forms for providing information about profile of the organization and Technical & Financial Proposals.

  • Settlement Document shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.02(a).

  • TE Document means Tender Enquiry Document

  • RfS Document means the bidding document issued by MSEDCL including all attachments, clarifications and amendments thereof.

  • Loan Document means this Agreement, each Note, each Letter of Credit Document, the Guaranty and each other document or instrument now or hereafter executed and delivered by a Loan Party in connection with, pursuant to or relating to this Agreement.

  • Bid Document - shall mean the document submitted by the bidder, pursuant to understanding and agreeing with the terms and conditions set out in this Tender Document.

  • information document means the document set out in Annex I or Annex III, or in the corresponding Annex to a separate directive, or regulation, that prescribes the information to be supplied by an applicant, it being permissible to supply the information document in the form of an electronic file;

  • Operative Document means a bond declaration, trust agreement, indenture, security

  • Financing Document means any credit agreement, guarantee, financing or security agreement or other agreements or instruments governing indebtedness of the Company or any of the Company Subsidiaries.

  • Written instrument means a written or printed agreement, bill of sale, or any other written or printed note or memorandum of the sale or exchange of a work of fine art by an art merchant and includes a written or printed catalog or other prospectus of a forthcoming sale as well as any written or printed corrections or amendments thereof.

  • ballot document means a ballot paper, internet voting record, telephone voting record or text voting record.

  • Transaction Document means any agreement, document, certificate or instrument delivered pursuant to or in connection with this Agreement or the transactions contemplated hereby.

  • Secured Credit Document means (i) the Credit Agreement and each Loan Document (as defined in the Credit Agreement), (ii) each Initial Additional First-Lien Document, and (iii) each Additional First-Lien Document for Additional First-Lien Obligations incurred after the date hereof.

  • Option Document means the document described in Section 8 of the Plan, as applicable, which sets forth the terms and conditions of each grant of Options.

  • Ordering Document or "order" means a document that is expressly governed by the terms and conditions of this Agreement by which, when accepted by Oracle, You order Services from Oracle.

  • Second Lien Documents means, collectively, the indenture, credit agreement or other agreement or instrument evidencing or governing or securing each Series of Second Lien Debt and the Second Lien Security Documents.

  • Substantive document means a document or other information or data in electronic media determined by the comptroller to substan- tially involve or include information or data significant to an applica- tion, the evaluation or consideration of an application, or the agree- ment or implementation of an agreement for limitation of appraised value pursuant to Tax Code Chapter 313. The term includes, but is not limited to, any application requesting a limitation on appraised value and any amendments or supplements, any economic impact evaluation made in connection with an application, any agreement between applicant and the district and any subsequent amend- ments or assignments, any district written finding or report filed with the comptroller as required under 34 Administrative Code Chapter 9, Subchapter F; and any completed annual eligibility re- port (Form 50-772A) submitted to the comptroller. The term shall

  • Programme Document means each of the Master Trust Deed, the Agency Agreement, the Registrar Agreement, the Margin Account Agreement, the Margin Account Security Agreement, the Portfolio Administration Agreement, the Operating Procedures Agreement, the Determination Agency Agreement, the Broker Dealer of Record Agreement, the Services Agreement and each Authorised Participant Agreement and "Programme Documents" means all such documents.

  • First Lien Documents means, with respect to the Credit Agreement Obligations, the Credit Agreement Documents, and with respect to the Initial Other First Lien Obligations or any Series of Additional Senior Class Debt, the Other First Lien Documents.

  • Other Transaction Documents means the Transaction Documents other than this Agreement.

  • Source document means an existing document that contains classified information that is incorporated, paraphrased, restated, or generated in new form into a new document.

  • Registration Document means a written instrument issued by the department to publicly document that the registrant has complied with this chapter and the applicable rules and standards as prescribed by the department.