Technological Sample Clauses

Technological. The Hospital agrees that should a reduction or down-grading in staff due to technological change be imminent, a written notice of at least six months will be given to affected employees. In the event of a lay-off or proposed lay-off of members resulting from an innovative change in the technology utilized in the Hospital’s power house, the Hospital shall upon the request of the Union meet it to consider alternative opportunities in the Hospital and the training required to prepare eligible members such opportunities. If no immediate suitable employment opportunities are available in the Hospital, the Hospital will request the Federal and Provincial Manpower Departments to assist the members in such training programs as will qualify them for appropriate employment opportunities. The Hospital will notify the Union in advance, far as is practicable of the date members may be laid off as a result of the change in technology. An employee whose position becomes redundant shall be given the opportunity to fill any vacancy in the bargaining unit for which he has seniority and if there is no vacancy, to bump the junior employee working in the bargaining unit. In filling either position, the employee must possess the necessary knowledge, proficiency and skill to perform the functions of his new position and shall be given a trial period of up to thirty days in to demonstrate his suitability and retain his employment.
Technological. Both parties recognize the overall advantages of technological change. Both parties will therefore encourage and promote technological change and improvements. With this in view and recognizing the extensive lead time required for the selection, installation and provision of equipment, the Employer agrees to provide as much advance notice as possible to the Union, but not less than one hundred and twenty (120) days, of any major technological change which would result in changes in the employment status or in this Agreement. In addition, the Employer agrees to consult with the Union with a view to resolving problems which may arise as a result of the introductions of such technological change. In cases where employees may require retraining, the Employer will make every reasonable effort to offer training courses. When the implementation of technological change is initiated by the Employer and when agreement as to its implementation is not reached between the parties, either party may refer the matter to arbitration. Article Sen The seniority of an employee means the total length of service with the Employer and has not been broken by a period of more than three (3) months. Length of service with the Employer shall be based upon regularly scheduled hours worked. Within sixty (60) calendar days after the signing of the Agreement, the Employer shall post the seniority list showing the seniority of each employee. The Employer will provide the Union with the current seniority list showing each employee’s seniority date, current address, classification and rate of pay on December 31” of each year.
Technological. It is the policy of the Board to endeavour to place in other positions any permanent service members who may be displaced by technological improvements in the operation of the Service or by the contracting out of any services now performed by the members represented by the Association. Should the Board decide to contract out any work now performed by members coming within the bargaining unit, no such member with at least two years of permanent service with the Service will be laid off or have employmentterminated by reason thereof.
Technological a phased modernisation and reconstruction of the telecommunications network; by 2010 to achieve 100% digitisation of the base stations and area centres, and 100% provision of digital channels for the area centres; participation in the formation of a telecommunications infrastructure for the VFD that is sufficient for the growth rates of the communications industry.
Technological. The Hospital undertakes to notify the Union in advance, so far as of any technological changes which the Hospital has decided to introduce w i l l significantly change the status of employees within the bargaining unit. The Hospital agrees to discuss with the Union the effect of such technological changes on the employment status of employees and to consider practical ways and means of the adverse affect, if any, upon employees
Technological. If, during the term of this Agreement, a significant number of employees in the bargaining unit are affected by technological change, the Company shall, by means of joint consultation with the Alliance, assist those employees so affected to adjust to the effects of such change in accordance with the provision of Part V of the Canada Labour Code.
Technological. It is the intent of the Board to consult with the Association, of its intention to introduce technological changes that would affect employees. The parties agree to establish a Committee to review technological initiatives established by the Board. The Committee structure will include three representatives from and three from Information Technology. The Committee will meet as required and shall establish meeting dates at mutually agreed times. Part of the mandate of this Committee will be to discuss the training needs of the employees in implementation of new Technological changes. The Committee will be in effect until December Dated at Burlington this day of August, On behalf of the Halton District School Board Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx On behalf of the Office Personnel Association Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx OF AGREEMENT between THE HALTON DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD referred to as the “Board”) and THE HALTON DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD OFFICE PERSONNEL ASSOCIATION referred to as the “Association”) IMPLEMENTATION
Technological a phased modernisation and reconstruction of the telecommunications network; perfection of the processes for providing communications services (digitisation of the network, universal application of ISO 9000 quality system, construction of a multiservice highway network, etc.); to achieve maximum efficiency in using the technical assets.
Technological. The agrees to provide advance notice to employees the of in wherever possible.
Technological. The Company and the Union that in event of the Canada Labour provisions lo technological will Bulletin . The Company provide bulletin for the Union at appropriate locations the Union have the right to post notices to of interest to the Union and the employees. In .