Financial Sample Clauses

Financial services panelists shall: (a) have expertise or experience in financial services law or practice, which may include the regulation of financial institutions; (b) be chosen strictly on the basis of objectivity, reliability, and sound judgment; (c) be independent of, and not be affiliated with or take instructions from, a disputing Party; and (d) comply with the code of conduct to be established by the Joint Commission. 4. Notwithstanding Article 23.17 (Non-Implementation and Compensation), where a panel finds a measure to be inconsistent with this Agreement and the measure under dispute affects: (a) only the financial services sector, the complaining Party may suspend benefits only in the financial services sector; (b) the financial services sector and any other sector, the complaining Party may suspend benefits in the financial services sector that have an effect equivalent to the effect of the measure in the Party's financial services sector; or (c) only a sector other than the financial services sector, the complaining Party shall not suspend benefits in the financial services sector.
Financial. 5.1 Community Council funds shall be used only for the benefit of the Métis citizens who are represented by the Community Council. Expenditures shall be consistent with the financial ability of the Community Council and may include, but are not limited to:
Financial. CONSULTANTS shall be paid for services as set forth in Exhibit A. The fees to be paid shall be paid with shares of registered S-8 shares of Common Stock of Maximum Dynamics, Inc. and shall be priced at a twenty percent (20%) discount to today's bid of $0.185 per share. The number of shares and issued to each CONSULTANT as payment for services is set forth in Exhibit A.
Financial. Contractor shall provide all financial information requested on Contractor’s Annual Budget attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference as Appendix E and the Contractor’s Semi-Annual Budget Expenditures Report provided by the Board and attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference as Appendix F.
Financial. In consideration for the Services, Customer shall pay ISU the fees set forth in Attachment A. ISU shall issue an invoice or invoices to Customer, and Customer shall pay such invoices within thirty days of receipt. Checks should be made payable to Iowa State University of Science and Technology. Customer shall submit the payments to ISU at the following address: Iowa State University Treasurer’s Office 1220 Beardshear Hall 515 Morrill Road Iowa State University Ames, Iowa 50011-2103
Financial. Indelicato shall be entitled for financial support services for financial projections, evaluations as well as other necessary and required analyses prepared for Indelicato by Corporation or by independent professional agents obtained for this specific purpose, at the rate of eighty three dollars and sixty nine cents ($83.69) per hour as such support service costs are incurred during the term of is Agreement. Valley and Indelicato agree that they intend to use ADE Vantage, Inc. for financial services.
Financial. (i) annual review of the business of the Company;
Financial. 5.1 All Trainers of Record will not be compensated through CASQA for instruction of the IGP QISP Training. Trainers of Record are responsible for all costs associated with training, and are encouraged to price each event to ensure profitability for their training by also including total compensation for time to and from the venue, any prior preparation time, and the actual instruction time.
Financial. The Sellers previously furnished to Buyer true and correct copies of the Financial Statements, copies of all of which are attached hereto as Schedule 4.5(a). Except as indicated in Schedule 4.5(b) attached hereto, the Financial Statements were prepared in accordance with GAAP consistently applied through the applicable periods involved (except that the Interim Financial Statements are subject to normal year-end adjustments and do not include footnotes), and present fairly the financial condition of the Company as of the respective dates of such Financial Statements and the results of operations for the respective periods then ended. Since December 31, 2010, there has been no change in the accounting methods or practices of the Company, no change in the Company’s policies with respect to depreciation or amortization including useful lives of assets or rates for depreciation or amortization, and no change in the Company’s policies with respect to pricing inventory or capitalizing costs.