Social Sample Clauses

Social. ASEB shall cause the IA to ensure that civil works contracts under the Project follow all applicable labor laws of the Borrower and the State and that these further include provisions to the effect that contractors; (i) carry out HIV/AIDS awareness programs for labor and disseminate information at worksites on risks of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS as part of health and safety measures for those employed during construction; and (ii) follow and implement all statutory provisions onlabor (including not employing or using children as labor, equal pay for equal work), health, safety, welfare, sanitation, and working conditions. Such contracts shall also include clauses for termination in case of any breach of the stated provisions by the contractors.
Social. By signing up for Social Media Management Services, Merchant authorizes EZlocal to be Merchant’s Social Media advocate. In this role, Merchant authorizes EZlocal to create, monitor and post content on behalf of Merchant on any and all Social Media sites including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Google. If content creation and publishing are included in the Services, Merchant authorizes EZlocal to use the information Merchant provides, create original content where necessary, and use any publicly available information that EZlocal reasonably deems to be useful in providing the Services. As part of the Agreement, EZlocal will post on Social Media outlets such as Facebook a minimum of 8 times per month. Merchant recognizes that posting on Social Media may have unpredictable side-effects, including but not limited to negative responses from others. Merchant Agrees to hold EZlocal harmless against such negative side-affects as set forth below in this Agreement. Merchant understands that content created on Third-party sites such as Facebook are non-transferable. Merchant acknowledges that there may be interruptions in service or events that are beyond our control on these third-party sites that will affect Merchant’s use of the Service and may affect EZlocal’s ability to monitor and post on these sites, and that these are beyond our control to prevent or correct. Interruptions in the Service that are beyond our control shall not serve as a basis to terminate Agreement or demand a full or partial refund of any prepaid fees. The Service may contain features that enable various Third-party Services (such as social media services like Facebook and Twitter) to be directly integrated into Merchant’s EZlocal account (“Dashboard”). To take advantage of these features, Merchant will be required to register for or log into such Third-party Services on their respective websites and grant EZlocal access to these sites. By enabling third party access within the Dashboard or these sites, Merchant is granting EZlocal a license to create, monitor, post, and respond on Social Media on the Merchant’s behalf.
Social. For some of our interviewees, social media is very important to stay in touch with the users of interactive TV and it is used as a way to display the viewers’ comments on the screen or in the app. It also happens that the app offers the posibility to share updates through Twitter or Facebook but these updates won’t show in the app.
Social. Media Response and Moderation
Social. Upon the Merger becoming effective, the works council currently instituted at the Disappearing Company will be deemed to be the works council of the Acquiring Company and any and all agree- ments and arrangements between the Disappearing Company and its works council will continue to 0119133-0000002 AMCO:10640469.3 3be in full force and effect between the Acquiring Company and its works council upon the Merger becoming effective. The provisions of articles 7:663 and 7:662(2)(a) of the Dutch Civil Code (DCC) shall apply to the Merger as a result of which the rights and obligations the Disappearing Company has at the time of the Merger under Dutch and non-Dutch labour agreements and with respect to personnel employed in or outside The Netherlands, will pass to the Acquiring Company by operation of law. The Merger has no negative effects on employment and working conditions.
Social matters are any matters relating to actual or potential impacts on Affected Communities, including any matters with respect to physical or economic displacements, cultural heritage, human health and safety impacts, and human rights impacts; and