Minimum Standards Sample Clauses

Minimum Standards. (a) It is intended that the provisions contained in the Employment Standards Act and Regulations (Act), presently in effect and from time to time amended, are minimum requirements only.
Minimum Standards. 10.9 The ESFA may, at any time during the Term, undertake an assessment of the quality and delivery of the Provision which may include analysis of performance against the minimum quality standards, as published by the Department and / or the ESFA. Where the ESFA assesses that the Provision, in whole or in part, falls below the required standards, the ESFA may, in its absolute discretion, take one or more of the following actions:
Minimum Standards. If any provision in this article shall conflict with the 17 minimum standards of RCW 49.46, then that provision shall be automatically amended to conform.
Minimum Standards. The Contractor agrees that all network physicians will meet at least one (1) of the following standards, except as specified in Section 21.13(b) and Appendix I of this agreement:
Minimum Standards. A. Must be a full-time employee with no medical condition, or other conditions, which require(s) any restriction of work duties required of team members. Employees will be removed from the team if they are unavailable or expected to be unavailable for response when called or unfit for duty for a period of at least sixty (60) days.
Minimum Standards. Applicants shall, prior to appointment, meet the minimum standards prescribed by applicable class specifications and shall:
Minimum Standards. Licensee agrees that it shall manufacture API and Product in a manner consistent with (i) the applicable Indian manufacturing standards;
Minimum Standards. Where an Employee is required to sleepover during the course of his/her employment, the Employer will, free of cost to the Employee:
Minimum Standards. The ISO shall meet the minimum standards required of Non-Qualified Options, as described in Paragraph 6(a) above, except clause (i) and (iv) thereunder.
Minimum Standards. You will provide and maintain the Environment needed to access the Internet and the Services. That Environment will meet the minimum standards set forth in Your Order Form or in Your on- line specifications, if any.