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Definition. The following definition applies in addition to the definitions in Chapter 287, Florida Statutes (F.S.), and Rule Chapter 60A-1, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.):
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Definition. A grievance is an allegation or complaint by a member or members of the bargaining unit or the Union that there has been a violation, misinterpretation or improper application of the terms and conditions of this Agreement by the Employer/University Administration.
Definition. For purposes of this Section, the terms “taxes” and “fees” shall include but not be limited to federal, state or local sales, use, excise, gross receipts or other taxes or tax-like fees of whatever nature and however designated (including tariff surcharges and any fees, charges or other payments, contractual or otherwise, for the use of public streets or rights of way, whether designated as franchise fees or otherwise) imposed, or sought to be imposed, on or with respect to the services furnished hereunder or measured by the charges or payments therefore, excluding any taxes levied on income.
Definition. Confidential Information” means oral, written and electronic materials (irrespective of its source or form of communication) furnished before, on or after the date of this Agreement to the Asset Representations Reviewer for the purposes contemplated by this Agreement, including:
Definition. For purposes of this Agreement, the termOperating Expenseswith respect to the Fund is defined to include all expenses necessary or appropriate for the operation of the Fund and including the Advisor’s investment advisory or management fee detailed in the Investment Advisory Agreement, any Rule 12b-l fees and other expenses described in the Investment Advisory Agreement, but does not include any front-end or contingent deferred loads, brokerage fees and commissions, acquired fund fees and expenses, borrowing costs (such as interest and dividend expense on securities sold short), taxes and extraordinary expenses such as litigation. 3.
Definition. Seniority is defined as length of service with the Employer and shall be computed from the initial date of employment, or reemployment in the case of a break in service, in the bargaining unit covered by this Agreement. It is recognized that the affected employees must possess the necessary ability and qualifications to perform the work when they assert their seniority rights under these provisions.
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Definition. A grievance is defined as a disagreement concerning the interpretation and application of the provisions of this Agreement or disciplinary action.
Definition. A grievance is defined as a dispute, difference, disagreement or complaint between the parties related to wages, hours, and conditions of employment. A grievance shall include, but is not limited to, the complaint of an employee or of the Union which involves the interpretation, application of, or compliance with the provisions of this Agreement or any local Memorandum of Understanding not in conflict with this Agreement.
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