Employment is terminated Sample Clauses

Employment is terminated a. during or at the expiry of the trial period at the request of the employer or the employee;
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  • OBLIGATIONS SURVIVE TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT Executive agrees that any and all of Executive’s obligations under this Agreement, including but not limited to Exhibits B and C, shall survive the termination of employment and the termination of this Agreement.

  • Termination on Death or Disability Upon a termination of employment due to the Executive’s death or Disability, the Company shall have no further liability or further obligation to the Executive except that the Executive (or, if applicable, his estate or designated beneficiaries under any Company-sponsored employee benefit plan in the event of his death) shall be entitled to receive:

  • Voluntary Termination of Employment If during the Employment Term, Executive terminates his employment under circumstances other than those specified elsewhere in this Section 8, Executive shall be entitled to the payments and benefits specified in Section 8(a).

  • Termination by Employer Without Cause Employer may terminate the Term (and Executive’s employment) by giving two weeks written notice to Executive. A termination made pursuant to this Section 5.3 is a “termination Without Cause.” A termination made pursuant to Section 5.2 (and satisfying the notice requirement set forth therein) shall under no circumstance be considered a termination Without Cause.

  • Termination of Employment Without Cause At any time during the Term of Employment under this Agreement, either Arrow or the Bank may effect, pursuant to this Paragraph 7(b), and in accordance with the requirements set forth in Paragraph 11(gg) below, a Termination of Employment of Executive without Cause, provided, however, that any attempt to do so under circumstances that would also qualify such Termination of Employment as a Termination of Employment of Executive without Cause under Paragraph 6(a) of this Agreement, that is, as a Termination of Employment of Executive without Cause following a Change in Control that meets the conditions set forth in Paragraph 6(a), will be deemed a Termination of Employment of Executive without Cause under Paragraph 6(a), and not a Termination of Employment of Executive without Cause under this Paragraph 7(b). In the event of a Termination of Employment of Executive without Cause under this Paragraph 7(b), on the effective date of such Termination of Employment, and subject to the satisfaction of the conditions specified below in Section 8, Arrow or the Bank shall pay to the Executive, and the Executive shall be entitled to receive, one (1) lump sum payment in a dollar amount equal to the greater of (i) the total amount of Base Salary payments which would have been payable to the Executive during the period extending from such effective date until the normal expiration date of Employment under this Agreement as in effect at such time, had there been no early Termination of Employment of Executive without Cause (and assuming the Executive otherwise would have remained employed throughout such period and that his Base Salary would have remained unchanged throughout such period), or (ii) an amount equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the current Base Salary of the Executive on the effective date of such Termination of Employment.

  • Termination of Employment Due to Death or Disability If the Executive’s employment is terminated at any time due to his or her death or Disability, this Agreement shall terminate without further obligation by the Company to the Executive, other than the obligation to pay the Accrued Obligations to the Executive or his or her legal representatives.

  • Voluntary Termination by Employee Subject to Section 12 hereof, the Employee may voluntarily terminate employment with the Bank during the term of this Agreement, upon at least 90 days' prior written notice to the Board of Directors, in which case the Employee shall receive only his compensation, vested rights and employee benefits up to the date of his termination (unless such termination occurs pursuant to Section 10(d) hereof or within the Protected Period, in Section 12(a) hereof, in which event the benefits and compensation provided for in Sections 10(d) or 12, as applicable, shall apply).

  • Voluntary Termination by the Employee The Employee may voluntarily terminate the Employee's status as employee for other than Good Reason.

  • Termination of Employment Relationship 3.1 The Executive’s employment with the Company shall automatically terminate, and the Employment Term shall thereupon terminate:

  • Involuntary Termination of Employment If the Executive exercises his withdrawal rights pursuant to Subsection 2.2, and the Executive's employment with the Bank is involuntarily terminated for any reason including termination due to disability of the Executive, but excluding termination for Cause, or termination following a Change in Control, within thirty (30) days of such involuntary termination of employment, the Bank shall be required to record a final Phantom Contribution in an amount equal to: (i) the full Phantom Contribution required for the Plan Year in which such involuntary termination occurs, if not yet made, plus (ii) the present value (computed using a discount rate equal to the Interest Factor) of all remaining Phantom Contributions.

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