By the Association Sample Clauses

By the Association. THE ASSOCIATION agrees to defend, hold ------------------ harmless, and indemnify NMS from any claims, liabilities, damages or judgments asserted against, imposed upon or incurred by NMS that arise out of THE ASSOCIATION's negligence, intentional wrongdoing, or breach of its responsibilities under this Agreement. The indemnification granted under this Section 7.2.2 expressly includes indemnification with respect to expense costs, legal fees, defense costs, fines, penalties, court costs, or amounts paid in settlement or in satisfaction of any judgment or award.
By the Association. (a) The Association shall maintain and keep in good repair as a Common Expense (i) all Common Elements, including any Limited Common Elements (except as otherwise expressly provided for herein); (ii) periodic cleaning and/or painting and/or staining of exterior surfaces of the Condominium building and of exterior doors and door frames, as determined appropriate by the Board of Directors; and
By the Association. The Association, acting through its Board of Directors, shall have the right to enforce the terms and provisions of this Declaration, the Charter, the By-Laws, and any other rules and regulations of the Association, as provided below:
By the Association. After the Declarant Control Period, the Declaration, the Articles and Bylaws may be amended, changed or added to at any time and from time to time by the affirmative vote or written consent of the Class A Members (through their respective Voting Members) having not less than two-thirds of the Voting Interests of Class A Members.
By the Association. Except as otherwise provided in this Declaration, amendments to this Declaration shall be proposed and adopted in the following manner:
By the Association. Notice of the subject matter of a proposed amendment shall be included in the notice of any meeting at which a proposed amendment is to be considered. A resolution for the adoption of a proposed amendment may be proposed by a majority of the Board of Directors of the Association or by not less than one-third (1/3) of the Unit Owners. Except as elsewhere provided, approvals must be by an affirmative vote representing in excess of ninety percent (90%) of the voting interests of all Unit Owners. Directors and members not present in person or by proxy at the meeting considering the amendment may express their approval or disapproval in writing, provided that such approval is delivered to the secretary at or prior to the meeting; however, such approval or disapproval may not be used as a vote for or against the action taken and may not be used for the purpose of creating a quorum.
By the Association. The Association shall maintain, repair and replace:
By the Association. The Association may, upon ninety (90) days written notice, terminate this Agreement for cause, which may include any of the following circumstances:
By the Association. In any matter not covered by this Agreement which is a mandatory subject for collective bargaining, the Union may raise such issues with the Town for consultation and negotiation, except that the Association shall not renew or seek to ATTACHMENT A WAGE SCHEDULES FY 19 2% FY 20 3% FY 21 3% Comments 7/1/18 - 6/30/19 7/1/19 - 6/30/20 7/1/20 - 6/30/21 Firefighter (42 Hr. work week) Step 1- starting rate $54,287.62 $55,916.25 $57,593.74 Step 2- after 1 yr of employment $57,004.05 $58,714.17 $60,475.60 Step 3- after 2 yrs of employment $59,721.67 $61,513.32 $63,358.72 Step 4- after 3 yrs of employment $62,440.56 $64,313.78 $66,243.19 Step 5- after 4 yrs of employment $65,158.20 $67,112.95 $69,126.34 Step 6- after 20 yrs of employment $68,416.11 $70,468.59 $72,582.65 5% over Step 5 Firefighter Lieutenant (42 Hr. work week) Step 1 $77,538.26 $79,864.41 $82,260.34 19% over Step 5 Firefighter Step 2- after 20 yrs of employment $81,415.18 $83,857.63 $86,373.36 5% over Step 1 Lieutenant Captain (42 hr. work week) Step 1 $90,138.23 $92,842.38 $95,627.65 16.25% over Step 1 Lieutenant Step 2- after 20 yrs of employment $94,645.14 $97,484.50 $100,409.03 5% over Step 1 Captain EMS Coordinator Stipend Step 1 $24,980.03 $25,729.43 $26,501.31 Step1 Captain vs. Step 5 Firefighter Step 2- after 20 yrs of employment $26,229.03 $27,015.91 $27,826.38 Step 2 Captain vs. Step 6 Firefighter ATTACHMENT B