Affected Employees definition

Affected Employees means those employees who are exposed to the hazard(s) identified as a violation(s) in a citation.
Affected Employees has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 5.7;
Affected Employees has the meaning specified in Section 8.2(a).

Examples of Affected Employees in a sentence

  • Affected employees who are initially reduced shall receive written notice of reduction and reasons thereto at least seven (7) working days prior to the effective date of the reduction in force.

  • Affected employees are required to complete one year of service with the City from the date of completion of course work to be eligible for this benefit.

  • Affected employees will not have the option to displace other employees and will not be placed on a recall list.

  • Affected employees will receive paid time off equal to five (5) hours.

  • Affected employees on a temporary furlough will continue to receive medical and other insurance benefits on the terms applicable immediately prior to the temporary hours reduction or furlough, and will maintain the leave balances accrued at the time of the temporary hours reduction or furlough (i.e. leave balances will not be cashed out).

More Definitions of Affected Employees

Affected Employees shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.2(a).
Affected Employees means employees who may reasonably be expected
Affected Employees means classified employees in affected positions.
Affected Employees shall have the meaning set forth in Section 9.01(a).
Affected Employees means employees of the Seller who are employed by Buyer immediately after the Closing Date.
Affected Employees means employees who have undertaken vocational rehabilitation assessments provided by Hydro One and the results indicate a need for active services to facilitate the goal of returning to continuing full employment. This classification includes employees in receipt of LTD benefits who are assessed medically able to return to work.
Affected Employees means those individuals who are classified as regular permanent employees of the Company and its subsidiaries (including those so classified employees who are on vacation, leave of absence, disability or maternity leave) as of the Effective Time who are in jobs that will not be covered by collective bargaining or other labor union contracts applicable to employees of Parent or the Company or any of their subsidiaries after giving effect to the Merger.