Market Sample Clauses

Market. An order to buy or sell the identified market at the current market price that The Company provides via the Online Trading System. An order to buy is executed at the current market ask price and an order to sell is executed at the current market bid price.
Market. Stand-off" Agreement. The Holders shall agree not to sell or otherwise transfer or dispose of any Common Stock (or other securities) of the Company (other than securities of the Company acquired in the open market on or after a public offering) held by the Holders for such period of time as reasonably requested by the Company and the underwriter of the public offering, which shall not exceed 180 days from the effective date thereof; provided that such restrictions shall only apply to a Registration Statement filed with respect to an underwritten public offering by the Company; and provided, further, that all officers, directors and 3% Holders of the Company enter into similar agreements. Such agreement shall be in writing in form satisfactory to the Company and such underwriter. The Company may impose stop-transfer instructions with respect to the shares (or securities) subject to the foregoing restriction.
Market. If the Canadian Required Lenders determine, which determination shall be final conclusive and binding on the Canadian Borrowers, that there does not exist at the applicable time a normal market in Canada for the purchase and sale of BankersAcceptances, the Administrative Agent shall so notify the Canadian Borrowers, and the Canadian Lendersobligation to accept Bankers’ Acceptances under this Agreement shall be suspended until such time as the Administrative Agent (upon the instruction of the Canadian Required Lenders) revokes such notice. During any such suspension, a request for a Bankers’ Acceptance will be deemed to be a request for a Canadian Prime Rate Committed Loan.
Market. Department shall sponsor a Farmers’ Market (“Market”) at The Shed located on the Illinois State Fairgrounds. The Market will operate every Thursday from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (“Market Day”) from the second week in May through the second week in October (“Season”), with the exception of the Thursdays during the Illinois State Fair. Additional Market Days may be canceled at the discretion of the Department. Vendors must have an agreement signed by the Department to participate.
Market. In normal circumstances a market order is one executed on a timely basis at the prevailing market price. As mentioned above, at certain times of the business day, trading is taking place simultaneously in the ring or kerb, on LME Select, and in the inter-office market. Traditionally, when open outcry trading is in course, the market is defined by activity within the ring/kerb. At other times, the market is split between inter-office trading and trading on LME Select. During inter-office sessions, indicative quotes are available on the MDS and firm prices available on LME Select and the LME Select page on information vendorssystems. The indicative prices might not be available to all parties. Best Order styles on the LME using the word ‘best’ confer some discretion upon the members when executing the order, requiring them to use their ‘best endeavours’ on the client’s behalf. The extent of the discretion is fixed by the terms of the order. This type of order is distinct from ‘best execution’ as defined by the FCA. Best orders may be executed both in rings/kerbs, inter-office and on LME Select. Inter-office trades rely upon the members’ skill in determining the level of the market at any particular time. Best orders received during ring/kerb times may not result in the client receiving the ‘best’ price achieved during the session if the price improves after the member has booked the metal or plastic intended to fill the order. At any given time, the best price on LME Select will be displayed on the system and by the information vendors. Clients should be aware that depending on market conditions, the best price may move during the period from when the order was placed and when it was executed. Close Most orders placed ‘on the close’ are for either the close of the second ring (official LME prices) or the second kerb (closing prices). Both these prices are demonstrable because of the publication of official and closing prices. Closing prices of other sessions are harder to determine, although the LME does also publish unofficial prices which are established at the close of the fourth ring. In all circumstances, clients and members need to agree the style of execution i.e. bid/ask, mean or traded price. Members may not always be able to guarantee execution (price or volume) due to prevailing market conditions. A closing price on LME Select is the last price traded before the system closes. Open Clients placing orders to trade on the opening of a market sessi...
Market. Upon Owner(s)’s written acceptance of the terms of any Offer to Lease, or equivalent, the Realtor/Broker shall not continue to market the property nor present any offers received after the time acceptance.
Market. Market (and all other forms of the word, such as "Marketing") shall mean promoting the sale of the Services through efforts within the Sales Channels, and marketing efforts through advertising and other means, in an effort to sell the Services.