Technology Sample Clauses

Technology. Discoveries, innovations, Know-How and inventions, whether patentable or not, including computer software, recognized under U.S. law as intellectual creations to which rights of ownership accrue, including, but not limited to, patents, trade secrets, maskworks and copyrights developed under this Agreement.
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Technology. For purposes of this Agreement, “Technology” means all Software, information, designs, formulae, algorithms, procedures, methods, techniques, ideas, know-how, research and development, technical data, programs, subroutines, tools, materials, specifications, processes, inventions (whether or not patentable and whether or not reduced to practice), apparatus, creations, improvements and other similar materials, and all recordings, graphs, drawings, reports, analyses, and other writings, and other embodiments of any of the foregoing, in any form or media whether or not specifically listed herein. Further, for purposes of this Agreement, “Software” means any and all computer programs, whether in source code or object code; databases and compilations, whether machine readable or otherwise; descriptions, flow-charts and other work product used to design, plan, organize and develop any of the foregoing; and all documentation, including user manuals and other training documentation, related to any of the foregoing.
Technology a. The Board shall provide, and Contractor staff shall attend, the various training classes conducted regarding the correct and efficient use of all business applications.
Technology. Maintain equipment; train others in the use of office equipment; select appropriate media; establish document structure; produce documents. Organisational: Co-ordinate own work routine with others; make and record appointments on behalf of others; make travel and accommodation bookings in line with given itinerary. Team: Clarify tasks to achieve group goals; negotiate allocation of tasks; monitor own completion of allocated tasks. Business Financial: Reconcile accounts to balance; prepare bank reconciliations; document and lodge takings at bank; receive and document payment/takings; dispatch statements to debtors; follow up and record outstanding accounts; dispatch payments to creditors; maintain stock control records.
Technology. The term “Technology” shall mean any invention, discovery, know-how, biological material, software, information and data, whether patentable or not, conceived and reduced to practice during the performance of the Research Program.
Technology. The ARCHITECT shall deliver to the DISTRICT, on request, the tape and/or compact disc format and the name of the supplier of the software/hardware necessary to use the design file. In order to document exactly what CADD information was given to the DISTRICT, ARCHITECT and DISTRICT shall each sign a "hard" copy of reproducible documents that depict the information at the time ARCHITECT produces the CADD information. DISTRICT agrees to release ARCHITECT from all liability, damages, and/or claims that arise due to any changes made to this information by anyone other than the ARCHITECT or its consultants subsequent to it being given to the DISTRICT. Following the termination of this Agreement, for any reason whatsoever, the ARCHITECT shall promptly deliver to the DISTRICT upon written request and at no cost to the DISTRICT the following items (hereinafter “Instruments of Service”) which the DISTRICT shall have the right to utilize in any way permitted by statute:
Technology. 7.5.1 The employer shall recognise its responsibility for the protection of the health and safety of employees operating electronic technology, and shall comply with the latest protective guidelines contained in the Department of Labour/ACC Guidelines for using computers (2010) or any other relevant visual display units code subsequently introduced and agrees to apply this any time visual display units are used by employees.
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Technology. The Tokens/coins may be migrated to another underlying distributed ledger protocol, standard or technology in the future should the nodes of the Diamante Net determine, that doing so is necessary or desirable. If you fail to effectuate such migration, the Tokens/coins may get lost. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, Company shall not be responsible or liable for any damages, losses, costs, fines, penalties or expenses of whatever nature, whether or not reasonably foreseeable by the Parties, which you may suffer, sustain, or incur, arising out of or relating to your failure to effectuate such migration of your Tokens/coins to another protocol or technology.
Technology. The relatively new and rapidly evolving technology underlying cryptocurrencies introduces unique risks. For example, a unique Private Key is required to access, use or transfer a cryptocurrency on a blockchain or distributed ledger. The loss, theft or destruction of a Private Key may result in an irreversible loss. In addition, some cryptocurrency transactions are deemed made when recorded on a public ledger or blockchain, which is not necessarily the date or time that a market participant initiates a transaction. The ability to participate in Forks could also have implications for investors. For example, a market participant holding a cryptocurrency position through a cryptocurrency exchange may be adversely impacted if the exchange does not allow its customers to participate in a Fork that creates a new product.
Technology. In the event that the expansion of new technology makes skills obsolete, the University agrees to make reasonable efforts to make available training opportunities to staff members to improve existing skills or develop new skills so that staff members may better serve the needs of the University. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to limit the University’s right to introduce new electronic technology.
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