Development Sample Clauses

Development. 3.3 Within twenty (20) Working Days after the Commencement Date and in accordance with paragraphs 3.10 to 3.12 (Amendment and Revision), the Contractor will prepare and deliver to the Authority for approval the full and final Security Plan which will be based on the draft Security Plan set out in Appendix B.
Development. Upon discovery of oil and gas or either of them on the leased land, Lessee shall proceed with reasonable diligence to develop said land at a rate, and to an extent, commensurate with the economic development of the field in which the leased land lies.
Development. ARFR agrees and warrants that it has the expertise necessary to and has had the opportunity to independently evaluate the inventions of the Licensed Patents and develop same for the market.
Development. 3.1.1 Licensee agrees to and warrants that:
Development. (A) If the Operating Committee determines that a Discovery may be a Commercial Discovery, Operator shall, as soon as practicable, deliver to the Parties a Development Plan together with the first annual Work Program and Budget (or a multi-year Work Program and Budget pursuant to Article 6.5) and provisional Work Programs and Budgets for the remainder of the development of the Discovery, which shall contain, inter alia:
Development. 3.1.1 Licensee agrees to and warrants that: it has, or will obtain, the expertise necessary to independently evaluate the inventions of the Licensed Patents; it will establish and actively and diligently pursue the Development Plan (see Appendix A) to the end that the inventions of the Licensed Patents will be utilized to provide Licensed Products and/or Licensed Processes for sale in the retail market within the Licensed Field; and until the date of first commercial sale of Licensed Products, it will supply UFRF with a written Development Report annually fifteen (15) days after the end of the calendar year (see Appendix B). All development activities and strategies and all aspects of product design and [***] Certain information in this document has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Confidential treatment has been requested with respect to the omitted portions. decisions to market and the like are entirely at the discretion of Licensee, and Licensee shall rely entirely on its own expertise with respect thereto. UFRF’s review of Licensee’s Development Plan is solely to verify the existence of Licensee’s commitment to development activity and to ensure compliance with Licensee’s obligations to commercialize the inventions of the Licensed Patents, as set forth above, other than those elements of the Development Plan as designated as Due Diligence milestones in 3.1.2 below.
Development. In case the Operating Committee declares the commercial feasibility of a Discovery, the Operator shall, as soon as possible, submit to the other Consortium Members a Development Plan, pursuant to the Agreement. After receipt of the Development Plan and before any applicable term under the Agreement, the Operating Committee shall meet to analyze and define the Development Plan. In case ANP requires changes in the Development Plan, the matter shall be submitted to the Operating Committee for new analysis. Annual Production Program By September 1st of every calendar year, the Operator shall submit to the other Consortium Members the proposed Annual Production Program of the Development Area or Field of the Contract Area in detail, which shall be subsequently submitted to ANP for analysis and approval, in compliance with Section Sixteen of the Agreement. During the period of thirty (30) days as of submission of the Annual Production Program or sooner, if necessary to meet any applicable deadline under the Agreement, the Operating Committee shall meet to analyze and resolve upon the revision of the Annual Production Program. In case the Annual Production Program is established by the Operating Committee, the Operator shall take the measures necessary for submitting it to ANP for analysis and approval. In case ANP requires changes in the Annual Production Program, the matter shall be submitted again to the Operating Committee for further analysis, following the procedures and deadlines established in the preceding paragraphs.
Development. The subject of this Agreement, which is designated and identified as Celebration Acres Subdivision located on the Property described in Exhibit A in the jurisdiction of Teton County, Idaho. This definition shall include any and all future names or titles for Celebration Acres Subdivision.
Development. The Company is interested and will encourage employees who have established seniority to further develop their basic education and gas industrial skills. Conditional upon written Management approval obtained before the course commencement and upon receipt of written proof of successful completion, the Company shall reimburse the cost of tuition fees for such approved courses up to a maximum of five hundred dollars ($500.00).
Development. A. Licensee shall diligently develop, manufacture, market and sell Products in each Licensed Field and Licensed Territory throughout the term of this Agreement. Such activities shall include, without limitation, those activities listed in the Development Plan attached hereto as Appendix E. Licensee agrees that said Development Plan is reasonable and that it shall take all reasonable steps to meet the development program as set forth therein.