A COMMITTEE Sample Clauses

A COMMITTEE. As provided in the Plan, the Board may delegate administration of the Plan and this Option Agreement to a committee (the "COMMITTEE"). If administration is delegated to a Committee, the Committee shall have, in connection with the this Option Agreement, the powers theretofore possessed by the Board (and references in this Option Agreement to the Board shall thereafter be to the Committee).

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Audit Committee The Company’s Board of Directors has validly appointed an audit committee whose composition satisfies the requirements of Section 10A of, and Rule 10A-3 under, the Exchange Act and the Board of Directors and/or the audit committee has adopted a charter that satisfies the requirements of Section 10A of, and Rule 10A-3 under, the Exchange Act. Neither the Board of Directors nor the audit committee has been informed, nor is any director of the Company aware, of (i) any significant deficiency in the design or operation of the Company’s internal control over financial reporting which is reasonably likely to adversely affect the Company’s ability to record, process, summarize and report financial data or any material weakness in the Company’s internal controls; or (ii) any fraud, whether or not material, that involves management or other employees of the Company who have a significant role in the Company’s internal controls.
Nominating Committee The Board of Directors shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of not fewer than three members, one of whom shall be designated as Chairman of the Nominating Committee. A majority of members of the Nominating Committee shall not be officers of the Corporation. The Nominating Committee shall have and may exercise those rights, powers and authority of the Board of Directors as may from time to time be granted to it by the Board of Directors; provided, however, that in addition to any such rights, powers or authority, the Nominating Committee shall have the exclusive right to recommend candidates for election as directors to the Board of Directors.
Joint Committee A joint committee on automation will be established which shall consist of three (3) persons representing the Company and three(3) persons representing the Union. It shall be the function of the committee to study the effect of mechanization, technological changes and automation on employment in the mill at which it is appointed and to make such recommendations as are agreed upon, to the local mill manager, to ensure that the interests of the Company and of the employees are fairly and effectively protected.
Executive Committee The Board may, by resolution or resolutions adopted by a majority of the number of directors fixed by these Bylaws, appoint two or more directors to constitute an Executive Committee, each member of which shall serve as such during the pleasure of the Board, and may designate for such Committee a Chairman, who shall continue as such during the pleasure of the Board. All completed action by the Executive Committee shall be reported to the Board at its meeting next succeeding such action or at its meeting held in the month following the taking of such action, and shall be subject to revision or alteration by the Board; provided, that no acts or rights of third parties shall be affected by any such revision or alteration. The Executive Committee shall fix its own rules of procedure and shall meet where and as provided by such rules or by resolution of the Board. At all meetings of the Executive Committee, a majority of the full number of members of such Committee shall constitute a quorum, and in every case the affirmative vote of a majority of members present at any meeting of the Executive Committee at which a quorum is present shall be necessary for the adoption of any resolution. During the intervals between the meetings of the Board, the Executive Committee shall possess and may exercise all the power and authority of the Board (including, without limitation, all the power and authority of the Board in the management, control and direction of the financial affairs of the Corporation) except with respect to those matters reserved to the Board by the VSCA, in such manner as the Executive Committee shall deem best for the interests of the Corporation, in all cases in which specific directions shall not have been given by the Board.
Compensation Committee The Recipient hereby agrees that (a) any change, interpretation, determination or modification of this Agreement by the Compensation Committee shall be final and conclusive for all purposes and on all persons including the Company and the Recipient; provided, however, that with respect to any amendment or modification of the Plan which affects the award of Shares made hereby, the Compensation Committee shall have determined that such amendment or modification is in the best interests of the Recipient of such award; and (b) this Agreement and the award of Shares shall not affect in any way the right of the Recipient’s employer to terminate or change the employment of the Recipient.
Transition Committee Prior to the First Effective Time, the Parties shall establish a transition committee (the “Transition Committee”) that shall consist of an equal number of members from UTC, Carrier and Otis. From and after the applicable Effective Time, the Transition Committee shall be responsible for monitoring and managing all matters related to any of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement or any Ancillary Agreements. From and after the applicable Effective Time, the Transition Committee shall have the authority to (a) establish one or more subcommittees from time to time as it deems appropriate or as may be described in any Ancillary Agreements, with each such subcommittee comprised of one or more members of the Transition Committee or one or more employees of any of the Parties or any members of their respective Groups, and each such subcommittee having such scope of responsibility as may be determined by the Transition Committee from time to time; (b) delegate to any such committee any of the monitoring and managing authority of the Transition Committee; and (c) combine, modify the scope of responsibility of, and disband any such subcommittees, and to modify or reverse any such delegations. The Transition Committee shall establish general procedures for managing the responsibilities delegated to it under this Section 2.14 and may modify such procedures from time to time. All decisions by the Transition Committee or any subcommittee thereof shall be effective only if mutually agreed by each of the applicable Parties. The Parties shall utilize the procedures set forth in Article VII to resolve any matters as to which the Transition Committee is not able to reach a decision.
Advisory Committee To better monitor the Project between Milestones and f acilitate providing timely f eedback, the Applicant may establish an advisory committee for the Project. The advisory committee will consist of one or more representatives appointed by each of the Parties and shall meet as often as Alberta Innovates deems appropriate but not more than once per quarter. The advisory committee is intended as an inf ormal forum for discussion, dialogue, and sharing of inf ormation between Milestones, and will not direct or steer the Project. The Applicant is solely responsible for managing the technical, f inancial and other challenges associated with the Project.
Management Committee The Parties meet to promptly resolve any claim, dispute, claim, controversy or disagreement (each a "Dispute") between the Parties or any of their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, successors and assigns under or related to this Agreement or any document executed pursuant to this Agreement or any of the transactions contemplated hereby within ten (10) days of written notice from one to the other of the Dispute. If the Parties cannot resolve the Dispute within such time frame, the Dispute will be deemed to be immediately submitted to the Management Committee (as defined below) for resolution. For ten (10) days following such submission of the Dispute to the Management Committee, the Management Committee will have the exclusive right to resolve such Dispute. If the Management Committee is unable to amicably resolve the Dispute during the ten-day period, then the dispute will be referred for the resolution mechanisms described below. "Management Committee" will mean a committee made up of a senior executive from each of the Parties for the purpose of resolving Disputes under this Section 6 and generally overseeing the relationship between the Parties contemplated by this Agreement. Neither Party will seek, nor will be entitled to seek, binding outside resolution of the Dispute unless and until the Parties have been unable amicably to resolve the Dispute as set forth in this Section 6 and then, only in compliance with the procedures set forth in this Section 6.
The Board is the Board of Governors of the Emily Carr University of Art and Design as defined by The University Act, as amended from time to time.
Committee Committee means the Compensation Committee of the Board.