Pathways Sample Clauses

Pathways. 8. Jogging track/walkways
Pathways. The ‘Plot Holder’ shall maintain the common pathways on the East (toward Dunstable Rd) and South (furthest from the driveway to the Glebe) sides of their own allotment plot. Paths should be strimmed/mowed and must not be blocked. These paths are deemed to be part of the allotment area.
Pathways. Pathways are spaces that allow telecommunication cabling to run from a source to a destination location. These spaces consist of conduit and sleeves. Pathways can be installed through parking levels, concourse levels, lobbies, riser rooms, and common areas. Listed below are the specific requirements for pathways within the Building:
Pathways. Each of Suite 1.5, Suite 1.5.1, Suite 1.5.2 and Suite 1.14A may be referred to herein, individually, as a “Suite”. As described on Exhibit “C”.
Pathways. As described on Exhibit “C”. [Emphasis added to show the changes to Item 7.]
Pathways a. Transitional Beds Contractor shall provide two (2) dedicated transitional beds per night at the rate of FIFTY DOLLARS ($50) per bed per night. Should additional transitional beds be available, County has the option to purchase on an as- needed basis such additional beds at the same rates as the dedicated beds. Contractor shall invoice County on a monthly basis for these emergency shelter and transitional beds. Payments shall be made only for services authorized by BHRS Deputy Director of Adult Services or designee.
Pathways. See Microsuction care pathway
Pathways. The Village does not mow or provide regular upkeep to the pathways or other common areas at the Community Garden. Rather, each gardener is responsible for keeping the surrounding pathways weeded and well tended. Your garden space may stop at the edge of your plot—but your responsibility includes the pathways surrounding your garden. Everything you plant must remain within the perimeters of the designated plots, allowing adequate space for growth and keeping pathways clear. Allow for access within your own plot.
Pathways. Estimation results in the previous section show that democratization has reduced infant mortality in sub-Saharan Africa. In this section, I provide some evidence on the mechanisms in which democratization has affected the survival of babies. Table 8 provides summary statistics for dependent variables used in this section.
Pathways. This section sets out the potential fire sources, release points and receptors. The pathways by which a fire from the sources identified may impact upon a receptor are primarily: • Air: Movement of smoke or any harmful emissions through air will cause air quality issues, particularly relevant for this site which will store waste outside. • Runoff: Potential contamination of firefighting water runoff. • Direct exposure: Fire spreading to adjacent land and properties, potentially exacerbated by dry and / or windy weather conditions. This is particularly important for staff, who could be immediately exposed to fire if the waste in the wet waste bays ignites during operations.