Pathways Sample Clauses

Pathways. 8. Jogging track/walkways
Pathways. Pathways are spaces that allow telecommunication cabling to run from a source to a destination location. These spaces consist of conduit and sleeves. Pathways can be installed through parking levels, concourse levels, lobbies, riser rooms, and common areas. Listed below are the specific requirements for pathways within the Building:
Pathways. This category of service includes design of bicycle facilities and/or pedestrian pathways in accordance with ITD Design Manual and AASHTO standards. Areas of work include planning, concept preparation, design, estimates, specifications, construction support, and operation and maintenance cost considerations.
Pathways. The ‘Plot Holder’ shall maintain the common pathways on the East (toward Dunstable Rd) and South (furthest from the driveway to the Glebe) sides of their own allotment plot. Paths should be strimmed/mowed and must not be blocked. These paths are deemed to be part of the allotment area.
Pathways. Each of Suite 1.5, Suite 1.5.1, Suite 1.5.2 and Suite 1.14A may be referred to herein, individually, as a “Suite”. As described on Exhibit “C”.
Pathways. As described on Exhibit “C”. [Emphasis added to show the changes to Item 7.]
Pathways barriers and other protective measures must be observed.
Pathways. The Tenant must keep any pathway included therein or abutting their plot reasonably free from weed and any grassed areas on the perimeter of the plot should be cut regularly and maintained to an acceptable standard.
Pathways. INC. shall maintain adequate professional and general liability insurance to protect persons served referred by DORS.
Pathways. ▪ Map policies and practices affecting movement between, and within State and Commonwealth disability services; ▪ Identify and share the lessons from Australians Working Together and the Adult Training, Learning and Support (ATLAS) Review & Reform Project to reduce barriers and to improve pathways; ▪ Develop strategies to improve pathways (this may include mixed programs and streamlined assessments); ▪ Develop an improved process for the referral to Centrelink of school leavers seeking disability employment assistance. ▪ The Commonwealth will work with NSW to continually review the allocation of disability employment places with a view to achieving the best possible outcomes for school leavers. ▪ Identify and address barriers for school leavers to employment (including attitudes and skill gaps); ▪ Map the number and characteristics of the affected population. ▪ The Commonwealth will make available disability employment places proportional to the NSW working age disability population. ▪ The Commonwealth and NSW will work jointly to encourage service providers to increase take-up of employment places; ▪ The Commonwealth and State will jointly identify, plan and implement any additional actions and strategies to effect an uptake of disability employment places to achieve a full population share for NSW. The Commonwealth will retain the right to reallocate employment places to other jurisdictions if they are not taken up in NSW. Outcome(s): A more flexible system that provides improved transfer arrangements between and for entering and leaving State and Commonwealth-funded disability services. Improved referral and coordination of disability employment place allocation with the school leavers. NSW achieves its full population share of disability employment places. Performance Indicator(s): • Policies, practices and barriers mapped. • Pathway strategies developed. • Employment places made available to reflect NSW's full population share. • Annual national employment progress report provided to New South Wales by 31 December each year in respect of the previous financial year. • A strategy to increase the take-up of employment places in NSW is developed, agreed to, and implemented by both parties. • The number of employment places taken up in NSW annually. • The number of mixed program packages taken up in NSW annually. • The number of people transferring between Commonwealth and State programs. • Improved referral process to Centrelink for school leavers develo...