OF WORK Sample Clauses

OF WORK. The following provision designating regular hours on a daily tour and regular daily tours over the nursing schedule determined by the Hospital shall not be construed to be a guarantee of the hours of work to be performed on each tour or during each tour schedule. Subject to Article below:
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OF WORK. Nothing in this Collective Agreement shall be misconstrued to mean a guarantee of work or pay or as a restriction on the number of hours to be worked.
OF WORK. The following is intended to define the normal hours of work for the full-time employees, but shall not be interpreted as a guarantee of hours of work per day or per week, or days of work per week. The regular work shift for full-time employees shall be seven and one-half working hours per day of meal periods. The seven and one-half working hours per day will be worked within an eight hour period. The employer agrees that there shall be no split shifts. It is mutually agreed that existing arrangements for lunch periods in the various nursing homes will continue as at the date of the signing of this Agreement. During the changeover from Daylight Savings Time to Eastern Standard Time, or vice versa, an employee shall be paid for 7 hours, notwithstanding the fact they have worked either 6 hours or 8 hours. ARTICLE OVERTIME Overtime shall be paid for all hours worked over seven and one-half hours in a shift or seventy-five hours at the rate of time and one-half the employee's regular rate of pay. event employees of their own accord, for their own personal convenience, arrange to change shifts with appropriately qualified other employees, with prior approval of the Director of Care or her designate, the reserves the right to request signed statements from such employees and shall not be responsible or liable for overtime rate claims and non- compliance with the above provisions, that might arise or accrue as a result of the exchange of shifts. Such permission shall not be unreasonably denied. If an employee is required to work an extra continuous full shift as overtime, two free meals will be supplied during such shift, in addition to overtime rates paid. If an employee is required to work an extra three hours overtime at the end of his shift one free meal will be supplied. Employees who work overtime will not be required to take time off in regular hours to make up for overtime worked, but may take off equivalent to overtime by mutual agreement. Overtime shall be based on the employee's regular rate of pay and there shall not be any pyramiding of overtime under this Article. An employee who is absent on paid time during his scheduled work week because of sickness, Workers' Compensation, bereavement, holidays, vacation, or union leave on scheduled days of work shall be considered as if he had worked during his regular scheduled hours during such absence for the calculation of eligibility for overtime rate. ARTICLE WORK SCHEDULE Work schedules covering a two wee...
OF WORK. The following provisions designating regular hours of work over the posted schedule determined by the employer shall not be construed to be a guarantee of the hours of work to be performed. The normal hours of work for full time employees shall consist of forty (40) hours per week with daily hours as may be agreed. Full time employees regularly scheduled to work forty hours per week shall be entitled to overtime or the excess hours over forty hours per week only. One half-hour unpaid meal period and two fifteen minute break periods shall be taken on any regular shift. No employee shall work more than five (5) hours without a one-half hour unpaid meal break. One break shall be before the meal break and the second break taken after lunch in any shift of six hours duration or more. Part-time employees hired to full-time shall be credited with fifty percent (50%) of their part-time seniority towards their full-time seniority date. Such credit shall apply to any time periods affecting wages, benefits, and any other provision. The schedule of hours and days of work of each employee shall be posted in an appropriate place one week prior to the commencement of the schedule or Thursday for the upcoming week. OVERTIME HOURS EXTRA SHIFTS Those employees prepared to work extra shifts and/or overtime hours shall place their name on a list to be posted on a bulletin board in the restaurant. Employees who place their name on the list and offer their availability for all extra shifts and/or overtime hours that are required by the Employer during the course of the business month. If the employer requires an employee or employees to work an extra shift or overtime hours, it will first attempt to contact those persons on the list. The contact will be made in rotation so as to attempt to offer extra shifts as equitably as possible to all persons on the list. A telephone call to the employee's residence constitutes a reasonable attempt to contact the employee by the Employer. If the Employer is unable to contact persons on the list or if no person on the list is prepared to accept the extra shifts and/or overtime hours offered, then the Employer may require the most junior person in the job classification then available to work the required shift or overtime. This clause is not to be interpreted as an agreement, under the Employment Standards Act, by the Union acting as the agent to hours of work in excess of hours in a week. For full time employees who are regularly scheduled...
OF WORK. This Agreement, by itself, does not obligate Spirent to provide any services to Client nor does it obligate Client to procure any services from Spirent. To the extent Client wishes to procure services from Spirent and Spirent wishes to provide services to Client, the parties shall execute a statement of work similar to Exhibit A attached which specifically references this Agreement and is signed by both parties (each a “SOW”). The SOW which may contain the following information: (a) the start date, location and scheduled completion of the project; (b) a description of the project and the services to be performed by Spirent; (c) the charges for the services; (d) any copyrightable works to be developed by Spirent and delivered to Client (“Deliverables”); and (e) such other information as may be agreed to by the parties. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this Agreement and the SOW, the terms of the SOW shall govern. Upon execution of a SOW, Spirent shall perform the services set forth in the SOW using generally accepted industry standards and practices. Spirent shall determine in its sole discretion what personnel is required to complete the work contemplated by this Agreement and may use third parties, as determined by Spirent in its sole discretion, to complete any work.
OF WORK. Section Establishment of Rates for New Types of Equipment or New Categories of Work When new types of equipment or categories of work for which rates of pay are not established by this Agreement are put into use or effect, rates governing such operations shall be subject to negotiations between the parties. In the event of failure to reach agreement on such rates, the question shall be referred to Arbitration within thirty (30) days of the date of failure to reach such an agreement and the rates as determined shall apply from the first day the equipment or categories of work were put into use or effect.
OF WORK. During the Term (as defined below) and if mutually agreed to in writing, SOTI may from time to time provide certain services to Customer (“Services”). Most Services will be defined in an Order. Any Services not defined in the Order shall be evidenced by one or more written statements of work (each, a “Statement of Work”) which will be subject to this Agreement and may include the following information: (i) a detailed description of the Services; (ii) a projected timetable for completion of the Services; (iv) the location where the Services are to be performed; (v) the projected commencement and termination dates; (vi) SOTI’s compensation rates; (vii) maximum authorized fee for the Services and maximum reimbursable expenses, if any; (viii) names of the parties’ appointed project representatives; (ix) a timetable for invoicing; and (xi) such other requirements for the Services as may be agreed to in writing by the parties. The main body of this Agreement shall control over any conflicting provisions of the Statement of Work unless such Statement of Work specifically states that the conflicting provision should prevail over such main body. SOTI will perform the Services using personnel of required skill, experience and qualifications and in a workmanlike manner in accordance with generally recognized industry standards for similar services and shall devote adequate resources to meet its obligations under this Agreement.
OF WORK. The hours of work for employees shall not normally exceed twenty-four (24) hours per week as assigned by the Employer.
OF WORK. If the Director terminates the Master Agreement and/or any Approved Service Order(s) - whether for convenience or for cause - the Director has the option of requiring the Consultant to provide to the City any finished or unfinished Work Product prepared by the Consultant up to the date of Consultant's receipt of the written notice of termination.
OF WORK. Subject to Article below: