OF WORK Sample Clauses

OF WORK. The following provision designating regular hours on a daily tour and regular daily tours over the nursing schedule determined by the Hospital shall not be construed to be a guarantee of the hours of work to be performed on each tour or during each tour schedule. Subject to Article below:
OF WORK. The normal or work day shall be hours per day. (Detailed description with an attached schedule where appropriate.) Failure to provide twelve (12) hours between the commencement of an employee’s scheduled shift and the commencement of such employee’s nest scheduled shift result in of one and one-half (1 times the employee’s regular time hourly for only those hours which reduce the twelve (12) hour period. Where the twelve (12) hour period is reduced a result of an approved change of requested by the such premium payment shall not apply. ARTICLE OVERTIME, Overtime shall be defined being hours worked in of the or standard work day, as set out in of the Model or in of the or standard work week as set out in of the collective agreement. For purposes of overtime the hours per week shall be averaged over period subject to the attached schedule) weeks.
OF WORK. During the Term (as defined below) and if mutually agreed to in writing, SOTI may from time to time provide certain services to Customer (“Services”). Most Services will be defined in an Order. Any Services not defined in the Order shall be evidenced by one or more written statements of work (each, a “Statement of Work”) which will be subject to this Agreement and may include the following information: (i) a detailed description of the Services; (ii) a projected timetable for completion of the Services; (iv) the location where the Services are to be performed; (v) the projected commencement and termination dates; (vi) SOTI’s compensation rates; (vii) maximum authorized fee for the Services and maximum reimbursable expenses, if any; (viii) names of the partiesappointed project representatives; (ix) a timetable for invoicing; and (xi) such other requirements for the Services as may be agreed to in writing by the parties. The main body of this Agreement shall control over any conflicting provisions of the Statement of Work unless such Statement of Work specifically states that the conflicting provision should prevail over such main body. SOTI will perform the Services using personnel of required skill, experience and qualifications and in a workmanlike manner in accordance with generally recognized industry standards for similar services and shall devote adequate resources to meet its obligations under this Agreement.
OF WORK. Vendor will provide and make available the Deliverables described in each Statement of Work in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Each Statement of Work will be effective and become valid and enforceable only when signed by the State of Iowa and Vendor. Once a Statement of Work has been executed, Vendor will carry out and complete the duties and responsibilities set forth in the applicable Statement of Work in accordance with the terms and conditions of such Statement of Work, this Agreement, and any project plan (including any implementation plan or schedule), if applicable. Vendor shall commence and complete all work and provide all Deliverables under a Statement of work in accordance with all applicable deadlines, timelines, terms, conditions, Specifications and other requirements, including those which may be specified in a Statement of Work or project plan. Support Services. Vendor will provide Support Services as set forth in Section 7.
OF WORK. If the Director terminates the Master Agreement and/or any Approved Service Order(s) - whether for convenience or for cause - the Director has the option of requiring the Consultant to provide to the City any finished or unfinished Work Product prepared by the Consultant up to the date of Consultant's receipt of the written notice of termination.
OF WORK. Vendor shall provide the Department with the Deliverables in accordance with the Statement(s) of Work and all other terms and conditions of this Agreement.
OF WORK. The regular hours of normally shall consist of. ten seven and one- half hour shifts i n each pay period, excluding all meal periods. Arrangements in variance to the foregoing may be mutually agreed. No employee will be required to work more than seven (7) regularly scheduled days without a rest period of at least two (2) days unless mutually agreed. Every reasonable effort shall by the Employer to avoid scheduling the commencement of a shift within sixteen (16) hours of the of the employee's previous shift, and to avoid excessive fluctuations i n hours of work. This does not apply to the employee who works overtime, or where there is an exchange of shift assignments. The Employer agrees to post schedules for shift workers at least two weeks i n advance. Once schedules posted, the Employer will make every reasonable effort to avoid any except as provided i n Article Provided sufficient advance notice is given, and with the approval of the Employer, employees may exchange shifts i f there is no increase in cost to the Employer. The Employer shall provide two (2) rest periods of fifteen minutes during each scheduled shift. Where an employee is required to work rotating shifts, days, evening and night duty w i l l be assigned to employees as equally as possible. This does not preclude employees being continuously assigned to an evening or night shift at their request where such continuing assignment is acceptable to the Meal breaks are for a period of thirty minutes. The Employer w i l l ensure one (1) weekend off i n every four week period and where possible one (1) weekend off i n every three
OF WORK. 1.1. Client hereby engages iXL to provide services or products as described in a Statement of Work, which shall at a minimum include a description of the services to be provided and the corresponding fees (a "Statement of Work").
OF WORK. 1.1. Delta hereby engages iXL to provide services or products as described in the attached Statement of Work, which shall be implemented through additional statements of work, which shall at a minimum include a description of the services to be provided and the corresponding fees (collectively, the "Statement of Work"). iXL hereby accepts such engagement, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Statement of Work, and any terms and conditions attached to the Statement of Work.