The Hospital definition

The Hospital means the organization purchasing the Goods under this Contract.
The Hospital means the hospital where A is detained;
The Hospital means ……………………. Hospital;

Examples of The Hospital in a sentence

  • The Hospital shall make typing and other such clerical assistance available as required.

  • The Hospital Administrator or designee shall respond in writing to the nurse and Local Unit Officer, or designee, within twenty-one (21) calendar days after the Step 3 meeting.

  • The Hospital will outline to employees selected to fill such temporary vacancies and the Union, the circumstances giving rise to the vacancy, and the special conditions relating to such employment.

  • The Hospital will provide nurses who are unable to work because of an incident of workplace violence with paid medical leave as may be required under federal and state law, and necessary counseling through the Employee Assistance Program.

  • The Hospital will honor a nurse’s authorization in accordance with its terms after receiving notice of the authorization in writing from WSNA.

More Definitions of The Hospital

The Hospital means the Hospital carried on under and in accord­ ance with the trusts of the Deed of Trust and known as the
The Hospital means the Employees' State Insurance Corporation ESIC Medical College & Hospital, NH-3 NIT Faridabad.
The Hospital means the Lagos University Teaching Hospital established by this Act;
The Hospital means The Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London,
The Hospital means the hospital where A is detained; “the relevant provision” means—
The Hospital means the Yeatman Hospital, Sherborne, Dorset and includes any associated Health Establishments.
The Hospital means Ysbyty Gwynedd