The Director Sample Clauses

The Director. 1. The Organization shall operate under the direction of a Director, appointed by the Board on the advice of the ESC, following a special procedure provided for in the Rules. The Director shall be selected on the basis of his/her professional accomplishments in the scientific fields of the Organization and his/her managerial capacities. H/she must be established in the country of the headquarters.
The Director. General and the Staff
The Director. Effective liaison with the Director prior to, during and after the winter service season is essential to the successful delivery of the service. The Director will be consulted during the preparation, approval and review of the Winter Service Plan on an annual basis. Bear Scotland will submit and annual Winter Service Report at the end of each winter season. Bear Scotland will attend and contribute to the MART when required. The Daily Winter Action Plan will be submitted for approval on a daily basis with Bear Scotland participating in the multi agency teleconference on a weekly basis. Director and PAG will have the capability of remotely accessing electronic winter service records, listed in Section 15, in real time within the Record Centre in BEARnet. Bear Scotland will submit weekly salt stock information to the national portal. BEAR Scotland will continually review the need for snow fences and shelter belts on the Unit and, where it considers that such provisions are necessary; will notify the Director in writing. Prior to the commencement of the Winter Service Period, the Director will receive one controlled paper copy and one controlled electronic copy of the Winter Service Plan.
The Director. The Director hereby represents and warrants to the Company as follows:
The Director. Neither this Agreement, nor any right, obligation or interest hereunder, may be assigned by the Director, his beneficiaries, or his legal representatives without the prior written consent of the Company; provided, however, that nothing in this paragraph (b) shall preclude (i) the Director from designating a beneficiary to receive any benefit payable hereunder upon his death, or (ii) the executors, administrators, or other legal representatives of the Director or his estate from assigning any such rights hereunder to distributees, legatees, beneficiaries, testamentary trustees or other legal heirs of the Director. Subject to the foregoing, this Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the Director and his executors and administrators.
The Director. General will consider requests from employees for regular part-time work, a change in part-time hours, or a change to full-time hours. The request may be either for a specified period of time with automatic reversion on expiry of the nominated period, or ongoing. Approval will be subject to operational requirements. Where the Director-General does not approve a request the employee will be provided with the reasons for rejection in writing.
The Director. General shall provide the Commission with such assistance and facilities as it may require. The expenses of the Commission shall be borne by the Organisation.
The Director. General agrees not to exercise or permit to be exercised, without consulting the Board, any power vested in the Director-General under the Act or any other legislation to the extent that such exercise is proposed to be with respect to or impacting on the Lands or any Aboriginal cultural items on the Lands and where such exercise is not proposed to be exclusively with respect to or impacting on the Lands or any Aboriginal cultural items on the Lands. However, in the case of an emergency the Director-General may exercise such power. In such emergency circumstances, the Director-General agrees to notify the Board forthwith and to cease such exercise with respect to the Lands if so directed by the Board.
The Director. The Director is engaged by the Producer to direct a Film, as the term “direct” is commonly used and understood in the film and television industry, of all that is seen and heard in the finished product. The terms “Director” and “directing” include all related functions and activities required for translating and transferring the script, premise, idea and concept to the audiovisual images contained in the Film.
The Director. General may extend the retention period under Clause L6.1 to enable completion of an approved placement.