Two Consecutive Days Off Sample Clauses

Two Consecutive Days Off. 8.05 Each employee who is required to work on any regular schedule other than Monday through Friday shall be given two (2) consecutive days off in each seven (7) day or other regularly scheduled shift period in lieu of Saturday and Sunday, provided that work schedules which do not conform to the foregoing shall not be considered a violation of this Agreement.
Two Consecutive Days Off. All employees shall receive two (2) consecutive days off unless they request otherwise. All requests shall be in writing to the Employer.
Two Consecutive Days Off. All full time employees who are regularly scheduled shall be scheduled off on two consecutive full days per week, business conditions permitting, provided however it is understood that the Employer’s right to determine staffing levels is not diminished by this provision.
Two Consecutive Days Off. (a) Employees shall receive no less than two (2) consecutive days off in every two week period, unless single days off are arranged by mutual agreement between the Employer and the employee(s) affected.
Two Consecutive Days Off. The Village agrees, whenever possible, officers will be scheduled with 2 (two) consecutive days off work.
Two Consecutive Days Off. The normal work pattern for full-time employees not working on a rotation of days of work shall provide five (5) consecutive work days followed by two (2) consecutive days off, which for overtime calculation purposes shall be considered to be in the same work week. The normal work pattern for part-time regular or part-time temporary employees not working on a rotation of days of work, shall provide for at least two consecutive days off. Regular or temporary employees working on a rotation of days of work, shall work a sequence of days at work and days off work which: - forms a pattern which repeats over a period of not more than 8 consecutive weeks; - for full-time employees provides an average of 40 hours per week of work for outside employees and 35 hours per week for inside employees; - provides an average of two consecutive days off per week.
Two Consecutive Days Off. Any two consecutive days with no rostered shifts, where there is a minimum 55‐hour break between the previous and subsequent day’s shifts (including overtime), counts as two consecutive rostered days off for the purposes of clause 14.3 (Rostering Days Off).
Two Consecutive Days Off. All duty drivers shall have at least two (2) consecutive days off in seven (7).
Two Consecutive Days Off. All employees shall receive two (2) consecutive days off in each seven (7) consecutive days.

Related to Two Consecutive Days Off

  • consecutive days The Employer may switch scheduled days off to accommodate an emergency situation provided the switch is mutually agreed with the employees affected.

  • Consecutive Hours The regular hours of work each day shall be consecutive except that they may be interrupted by unpaid lunch periods. No split shifts will be implemented without the mutual agreement of the Local Union and the Appointing Authority. Each party may cancel such agreement with thirty (30) days written notice to the other party.

  • consecutive months An Employee will receive a year of Service for vesting purposes for each twelve (12)

  • Weeks Any leave of absence for maternity, paternity or adoption that results from the birth or adoption of a child(ren) that is medically necessary as evidenced by an attending physician’s statement is covered by the sick leave provisions of this Agreement. The attending physician’s statement shall be submitted to the District concerning the medical circumstances that require the leave. Employees may access their earned sick leave during parenting leave up to twelve (12) weeks or the time specified by their physician. Leaves to care for children in excess of twelve (12) weeks that are not medically necessary may qualify as personal leaves of absence.

  • Paid Holidays – Long Weekends (a) When an employee is scheduled to work a weekend where a paid holiday falls on the Monday or the Friday, the Employer shall endeavour to also schedule the employee to work the paid holiday.

  • Meal Periods A) A meal period of at least thirty (30) continuous minutes, away from the work place, shall be provided by the Employer. Such a meal period shall be provided at intervals that results in no employee working longer than five (5) consecutive hours without an eating period. For clarity, Article 26.03(A) also applies to employees working overtime.

  • Holiday Falling on a Scheduled Workday An Employee who works on a designated holiday which is a scheduled workday shall be compensated at the rate of double time for hours worked, plus a day off in lieu of the holiday; except for Christmas and New Year's when the compensation shall be at the rate of double time and one-half (2½) for hours worked, plus a day off subject to this Agreement.

  • Vacation Periods Vacation schedules will be set by the employee’s immediate supervisor(s) and sent to the Office of Human Resources for approval. Employees may request a particular period for vacation. Vacation days may not be taken in advance of their accrual. Those employees who are on a 12-month teacher contract are paid during Spring Break and Winter Recess, however, are not expected to be in attendance or perform duties during those breaks.

  • Compensation for Holidays Falling Within Vacation Schedule If a paid holiday falls on or is observed during an Employee's vacation period, she shall be allowed an additional vacation day with pay at a time mutually agreed upon by the Employer and the Employee.

  • Calendar The Gregorian calendar shall be used in calculating, invoicing and paying all amounts due under this Agreement.