Work Year Sample Clauses

Work Year. An employee who does not receive 104 days off (excluding RWWL days, AV and statutory holidays) in a calendar year, will have the day(s) scheduled no later than March 31st of the following year. Days off worked at overtime rates will be considered as days off for the purpose of this Subsection.
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Work Year. The normal work year for each employee shall be as set forth in his/her letter of agreement, but will be subject to changes in accordance with Article 7. The normal work year will include two non-student days, at least one of which will be scheduled before the student year.
Work Year. The work year for twelve-month nonteaching professional staff shall normally begin on July 1 and conclude the following June 30. The work year for ten-month nonteaching staff shall begin on or after a date established by the employer. Ten-month staff then serve for a continuous period of ten months, unless the parties mutually agree otherwise, or, specifically, not less than 217 days.This provision shall not prevent the Board from making appointments of shorter duration.
Work Year. The contract shall be in full force and effect for 186 days of employment for each year of this Agreement, to include a maximum of 178 days when students are in attendance and a minimum of five days devoted to professional activities as directed by the Superintendent. Teachers newly hired by the district will have a contract of 188 days. The additional days will be used at the discretion of the Administration for the purpose of orientation. Tenured teachers who assist in orientation will be paid as per section 23-P. Teachers will have at least three non-student attendance days at the beginning of the school year. Teachers will be given two days in the classroom to prepare for the first day of student attendance. Each teacher shall have a half-day (one half day is three and one-half hours) for grading at the end of the first three grading terms (9 weeks). The first contract day of second semester shall be a teacher workday with no less than 5 hours of self-directed activities. At least four hours a year of in-service time will be used for departments and/or grade levels to meet for collaborative planning. If student contact time falls below 1116 hours, state law would require the time to be made up. If teachers are not required to attend three (3) or more scheduled days because of weather or unusual conditions, one (1) day will be added as an inservice after the students are dismissed for the school year.
Work Year. The Board shall determine the total number of workdays each year for each member of the unit. The parties shall meet for the purpose of establishing employees’ work year calendar and the timing of extra days, if any. The District agrees to meet and negotiate with PSEA regarding the decision and impacts and effects to implement an across-the-board work year reduction for all classifications of employees in the PSEA bargaining unit. Generally, unit members shall have a work year, which consists of nine and one-half (9½) months – 185 workdays, ten (10) months – 195 workdays, ten and one-half (10½) months – 202 workdays, eleven (11) months – 209 workdays, eleven and one- half (11½) months – 220 workdays, or twelve (12) months – 245 workdays.
Work Year. Beginning July 1, 2005 though June 30, 2006, the work year for teachers and nurses shall consist of 180 instructional days and three (3) staff development “buy back” days for a total of 183 duty days. Beginning July 1, 2006 and thereafter, the work year for teachers and nurses shall consist of 180 instructional days, three (3) staff development “buy back” days, two (2) planning days (one at the beginning and one at the end of the school year), and one (1) District day for a total of 186 duty days.
Work Year. The Board retains the right and authority to change the days on which school shall be held and to make other adjustments to the work year. In the event of adjustments to the work year, the District shall consult with the Federation before implementing any changes, and the salaries set forth in this Agreement shall be adjusted for the added or deleted days on the basis of the employee’s daily rate under said salary schedules.
Work Year. The number of work days in the school year for an Employee scheduled to work a school year shall be set forth on Appendix B (Calendars).
Work Year. All professional staff employees shall work a twelve (12) month year.
Work Year. The academic year shall be based on 156* instructional days including final exams and four (4) Professional Development days.