Work Year Sample Clauses

Work Year. The full-time work year for all employees employed in EA and ECE job classes shall be a minimum of 194 work days to correspond with the school year calendar.
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Work Year. The work year shall be the period from July 1 of one calendar year to the subsequent June 30.
Work Year. A. New teachers shall work 190 days and be assigned additional days prior to the first duty day to the extent required by FCPS and contingent on funding. Such days will be calculated at per diem rate of pay. Their first payday shall be September 15th. Current teachers invited to participate shall be compensated at workshop rate of pay.
Work Year. 21-1 The work year of the teachers covered by the classroom teacher salary schedule (other than new personnel who may be required to attend five (5) additional orientation days) shall consist of not more than one hundred and eighty-four (184) school days and shall be distributed according to the calendar determined and officially adopted by the Board of School Trustees. Two (2) of the five (5) above- mentioned days shall be set aside for routine personnel functions and association business but may not compel association membership. Teachers shall be provided a block of time of at least one day before classes begin to prepare their classroom/work area for the school year. Teachers assigned to a year round schedule may be required to work the equivalent amount of days as calculated in minutes.
Work Year. The work year shall be those days determined by the District and shall normally include, but is not limited to, those days when students are in attendance. The work year of employees may vary from year to year.
Work Year. The work year for the Administrator shall be 12 months, commencing July 1. During the school year when school is not in session, administrators will work at the direction of the Superintendent.
Work Year. An employee who does not receive 104 days off (excluding RWWL days, AV and statutory holidays) in a calendar year, will have the day(s) scheduled no later than March 31st of the following year. Days off worked at overtime rates will be considered as days off for the purpose of this Subsection.
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Work Year. 4.6.1 The work year for regular classroom faculty is the fall and spring academic semesters (164 days). Four (4) of those days are compensated flex days included in the academic calendar. These days are intended for professional development activities and are typically scheduled at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. Attendance on convocation day is mandatory unless an absence, including professional development, has been pre-approved. Other opportunities for fulfilling the flex obligation include attending workshops coordinated by the flex committees at each college and/or participating in an individual professional development activity.
Work Year. All certificated bargaining unit workday calendars will be reduced by one (1) day beginning with the 2020/21 school year. The length of the work year, beginning in the 2020/21 school year shall be 184 days for returning teachers, 199 days for psychologists, and 194 days for nurses and speech and language pathologists with 180 days of student attendance. The district may require new teachers to attend up to ten (10) additional days prior to the start of the school year. The rate of pay for these additional days shall be at the daily, non-emergency credentialed teacher substitute rate. New teachers are defined, for this purpose, as those that were not employed with the district during the previous year's new teacher in-service.
Work Year. The basic work year for teachers shall be 196 days which shall include six
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