Work Year Sample Clauses

Work Year. The full-time work year for all employees employed in EA and ECE job classes shall be a minimum of 194 work days to correspond with the school year calendar.
Work Year. 20-3.1(a). School psychologists employed in the Office of Diverse Learner Supports and Services prior to December 16, 1967 have had the option of working ten school months (forty weeks), eleven school months (forty-four weeks), twelve school months (forty-eight weeks) or twelve calendar months. Subsequent to December 16, 1967, all school psychologists newly assigned to the Office of Diverse Learner Supports and Ser- vices and all school psychologists who elected to convert from twelve calendar months to twelve school months shall be employed on a twelve- school-month basis. Pension contributions and sick leave shall be based on the work year for 248-day personnel. Pension contributions and sick leave for all other employment period classifications shall be based on the 208-day year. Effective September 6, 1976, all newly appointed school psychologists and all provisional and temporarily certificated school psychologists shall be employed on a ten-school-month (208- day) basis. All school psychologists currently employed on a twelve-school-month (52-week) basis or on an eleven-school-month (248-day) basis shall be given the opportunity to convert to a ten-school-month (208-day) basis. Election to convert shall be final and cannot subsequently be changed at the request of the employee.
Work Year. The work year for teachers shall be 186 days. The School Board has determined to conduct school on Columbus Day and/or Veterans’ Day. The work year shall include 1 (one) day immediately following each marking period for professional purposes. Up to one-half of this professional day may be used for District-wide or building in-service education or staff development. Up to one-half of this professional day may be used for planning for the next quarter or semester and assessment of student work that took place the prior quarter or semester. It is anticipated that teachers will have a minimum of three days of other workshop time and the remaining days shall be student contact days, which include instructional days and parent-teacher conferences. Instructional time will not exceed 177 days. Probationary teachers shall be required by the District to be on duty for the equivalent of eight (8) additional duty days in the first probationary year in the District and five (5) additional duty days in other probationary years beyond the 186 duty days in the teacher contract year. These will be in-service days or special in-service events for the specific purpose of participating in probationary teacher training programs and activities prescribed by the District. Probationary teachers will receive in-service credit at the current District rate (12 hours = 1 credit) for the additional duty days, which may be applied to a lane change upon completion. If a probationary teacher does not complete the required hours, his/her pay will be docked at the curriculum writing hourly rate, and he/she will not receive the lane change credit for any hours not completed. These additional eight (8) days in the first probationary year in the District or additional five (5) days in the other probationary years will be computed pro-rata for part-time teachers and for teachers hired after the first day of new teacher workshop. Probationary teachers who are required eight (8) additional duty days will be allowed to participate in up to two (2) days and probationary teachers who are required five (5) additional days will be allowed to participate in one (1) day of district scheduled staff development opportunities offered during the work day. In addition, the probationary teachers may be allowed to participate in up to (1) day of teacher observations in the district. These days will be part of the required new teacher training days; however, they cannot be utilized for lane change credit.
Work Year. The work year shall be those days determined by the District and shall normally include, but is not limited to, those days when students are in attendance. The work year of employees may vary from year to year.
Work Year. 21-1 The work year of the teachers covered by the classroom teacher salary schedule (other than new personnel who may be required to attend five (5) additional orientation days) shall consist of not more than one hundred and eighty-four (184) school days and shall be distributed according to the calendar determined and officially adopted by the Board of School Trustees. Two (2) of the five (5) above- mentioned days shall be set aside for routine personnel functions and association business but may not compel association membership. Teachers shall be provided a block of time of at least one day before classes begin to prepare their classroom/work area for the school year. Teachers assigned to a year round schedule may be required to work the equivalent amount of days as calculated in minutes.
Work Year. The Superintendent shall perform his duties over the full 52 weeks of the School District’s fiscal year (July 1 to June 30), less applicable vacation, leave, and holidays. The Superintendent shall be expected to attend meetings of the Board of Education and its committees and to attend and participate in School District functions or, on occasion, other civic activities having relation to the School District’s interests within the Allen Park community. The time expended in attending such meetings and activities has been taken into account in setting the aforesaid salary and thus no additional compensation shall be forthcoming for such attendances.
Work Year. An employee who does not receive 104 days off (excluding RWWL days, AV and statutory holidays) in a calendar year, will have the day(s) scheduled no later than March 31st of the following year. Days off worked at overtime rates will be considered as days off for the purpose of this Subsection.
Work Year. Either a school year or a calendar year for which an employee is regularly scheduled to work.