Restriction on Sample Clauses

Restriction on. TRANSFERABILITY ---------- ------------------------------
Restriction on. USE The property is subject to a restriction on use in favour of Rail Corporation NSW. The vendor will warrant in the contract that: any construction on the part of the land affected by the restriction existed before the date of registration of the restriction 2 September 1992; there are no shared services with Rail Corporation NSW referred to in clause 5 of the Deed registered Book 3861 No. 608; and any building erected on the property after 2 September 1992 has run off drainage directed away from the adjoining railway land; and there are no Rail Corporation NSW sidings or level crossings on the part of the land affected by the restriction or on adjoining parts of the land being sold.
Restriction on. Business There is no contract (including covenants not to compete) or Order binding upon any of the Target Companies or being part of the Transferred Assets that has or will have the effect of prohibiting or impairing any current business practice of the Business, any acquisition of property (tangible or intangible) by the Target Companies or the conduct of the Business, in each case, as currently conducted at the Closing Date.
Restriction on. Termination Notwithstanding anything in this Section 12 -------------------------- to the contrary, no Party may terminate this Agreement if such Party itself or such Party's Affiliates are then in breach of any representation, warranty or covenant contained in this Agreement. If any Party terminates this Agreement pursuant to this Section 12, all rights and obligations of the Parties hereunder shall terminate without any liability of any Party to any other Party, except for any liability of any Party then in breach to any other Party.
Restriction on. Public Sale by the Company and Others. The Company agrees (i) not to effect any public sale or distribution of any of its equity securities during the 14-day period prior to, and during the 90-day period beginning on, the effective date of a Demand Registration Statement filed pursuant to Section 3 or such longer periods as may be required in the reasonable judgment of the managing underwriter or underwriters (except as part of such underwritten registration or pursuant to registrations on Forms S-4 or S-8 or any successor form to such forms or in connection with an exchange offer or an offering of securities solely to the existing stockholders or employees of the Company), and (ii) that it will cause each holder of equity securities of the Company purchased from the Company at any time after the date of this Agreement (other than in a registered public offering) who as a result of such purchase, owns more than 5% of the Common Stock on a fully diluted basis, to agree not to effect any public sale or distribution or any other sale pursuant to the exemption from the registration requirements of the Securities Act available for private placements, of any such securities during such period, including a sale pursuant to Rule 144 under the Securities Act (except as part of such underwritten registration, if permitted).
Restriction on. Equity Rights BR shall not exercise any rights/remedies or vote any equity interests in the Company in any manner that could cause a result inconsistent with the Restructuring Term Sheet. Release Upon the Effective Date, BR shall receive a general release (other than for fraud, willful misconduct or gross negligence) from the voting Noteholders, CHC and affiliates pursuant-to the Plan. Immediate Access The Noteholders shall have immediate access to the members of the senior management of CMC with or be involved or participate in such access. Governing Law The agreements contained in the Restructuring Term Sheet shall be governed, construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, Counterparts This Term Sheet may be executed in any number of counterparts, each of which may be delivered by e-mail or facsimile and which all. so executed and delivered shall be deemed an original. Dated: February [_], 2008 Accepted and Agreed: /s/ Billy V Ray, Jr. Billy V Ray, Jr. CHARYS HOLDING COMPANY, INC. On Behalf of itself and all direct and indirect subsidiaries By: /s/ Michael F. Oyster 2/8/2008 Name: Michael F. Oyster Title: EVP PARTICIPATING HOLDERS* _______________________ * This information is being provided on a confidential basis and is subject to Section 12 of the Restructuring Agreement.
Restriction on. [***] by Partner. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary set forth in this Agreement, Partner will not Manufacture or have Manufactured any Licensed Product [***]. ​ ​
Restriction on. Except for marketing representatives designated in writing by Supplier to CoreLogic and activities expressly approved in advance by CoreLogic, none of the Supplier Personnel other than the Customer Executive (who shall restrict any marketing activities to direct communication with the CoreLogic Relationship Manager) shall conduct *** to Eligible Recipient employees or agents (including marketing of any New Services), other than ***. Under no circumstances shall Supplier use information provided by CoreLogic specifically or in the aggregate to advertise or market itself or others. In addition, Supplier shall not use or access CoreLogic System queries or searches, CoreLogic Data, CoreLogic Confidential Information, Personal Data or metadata for any secondary uses beyond the limited extent necessary to provide the Services to CoreLogic and the other Eligible Recipients. For the avoidance of doubt, Supplier shall not use any such information for marketing or market research purposes.
Restriction on. Securities All officers and directors, Laurie Munn, Matt Harriton and Interiors, Inc. as of the Effective Date, have agreed not to sell, transfer, hypothecate or convey any capital stock or derivative securities by registration or otherwise for a "Lock-Up" period of two years from the Effective Date without the prior written consent of the Representative (except that, subject to compliance with applicable securities laws, any such officer, director or stockholder may transfer his or her stock to a member of his family or in the event of death, by will or operation of law, provided that any such transferee shall agree, as a condition to such transfer, to be bound by the restrictions set forth herein). An appropriate legend shall be marked on the face of stock certificates representing all of such securities.
Restriction on. Resales Each Buyer acknowledges that the Shares must be held indefinitely unless subsequently registered under the Securities Act or unless an exemption from such registration is available. The Company has no present intention of registering the Shares. Each Buyer further understands that there is no assurance that any exemption from registration under the Securities Act will be available or, if available, that such exemption will allow Investor to dispose of or otherwise transfer any or all of the Shares, in the amounts or at the times each Buyer might propose.