Commencement of Work Sample Clauses

Commencement of Work. Engineer shall not commence any field work under this Contract until he/she/it has obtained all required insurance and such insurance has been approved by County. As further set out below, Engineer shall not allow any subcontractor/subconsultant(s) to commence work to be performed in connection with this Contract until all required insurance has been obtained and approved and such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. Approval of the insurance by County shall not relieve or decrease the liability of Engineer hereunder.
Commencement of Work. Contractor shall commence the Work upon instruction to do so from the Owner and Construction shall be deemed to have commenced on the date of such instruction.
Commencement of Work. The Contractor hereby agrees and binds himself to commence the construction of the Work within ten
Commencement of Work. At least ten (10) days prior to the commencement of construction of the Tenant Improvements, or the delivery of any construction materials to the Premises, whichever is earlier, Tenant shall submit to Landlord a notice specifying the date Tenant will commence construction of the Tenant Improvements, the estimated date of completion of the Tenant Improvements, and the construction schedule for the Tenant Improvements provided by Tenant’s Contractor, setting forth the projected date of completion of such phase of the Tenant Improvements and showing critical time deadlines for construction milestones with respect to each major component or trade. In addition, prior to the commencement of construction of the Tenant Improvements, or the delivery of any construction materials to the Premises, whichever is earlier, Tenant shall submit to Landlord the following: (a) all Permits required to commence construction of the Tenant Improvements; (b) a copy of the executed contracts with Tenant’s Contractor and Major Subcontractors; (c) a detailed breakdown of the schedule of values, by trade, of the final costs that will be or have been incurred, in connection with the performance of the Tenant Improvement Work and that form the basis for the amount of the contracts (the “Final Costs”); and (d) certificates of all policies of insurance, or original certificates thereof executed by an authorized agent of the insurer or insurers, confirming to Landlord’s reasonable satisfaction compliance with the insurance requirements of this Agreement. Tenant shall be responsible for all costs associated with the Tenant Improvement Work, including the costs of the Permitted Allowance Items, to the extent the same exceed the aggregate amount that Landlord is required to disburse for such purpose pursuant to this Agreement.
Commencement of Work. The Contractor is cautioned not to commence any billable work or provide any material or service under this Contract until Contractor receives a purchase order for such work or is otherwise directed to do so in writing by Region 4 ESC.
Commencement of Work. Should the Contractor begin work in advance of receiving notice that this Agreement is approved, that work may be considered as having been performed at risk or as a mere volunteer and may not be reimbursed or compensated.
Commencement of Work. Upon Contractor’s receipt from Owner of the limited notice to proceed (“Limited Notice to Proceed” or “LNTP”), Contractor shall promptly commence with the performance of the portion of the Work specified in such LNTP; provided that the Parties have executed a Change Order defining the LNTP Work. The LNTP shall be issued in the form attached hereto as Attachment H, Schedule H-1. Contractor shall not, and shall not be obligated to, commence performance of such Work until receipt from Owner of such LNTP.
Commencement of Work. Contractor shall not commence work under the Agreement until: Contractor has received a fully executed Agreement and has been given approval by a CSUMB Point of Contact (See section 8). Vendor has established a profile as a CSUMB vendor on PaymentWorks, initiated by a CSUMB Point of Contact (See section 8).
Commencement of Work. 1. The Contract Time will commence to run on the day indicated in Section 1.15.A.2 of this Contract. Contractor shall deliver to County all required executed agreements, forms, bonds, and insurance documents. Contractor understands that its failure to comply with the delivery of any document within the time required is a material breach of the Contract and that County may terminate the Contract for cause, in its sole discretion, if Contractor fails to comply with the document delivery requirement, including the timely delivery of any document. A notice to proceed may be given at any time after the Effective Date of the Contract.
Commencement of Work. 2.1.1. Contractor shall commence Work on the date established in the Notice to Proceed (Commencement Date).