Statement of Work definition

Statement of Work means the description of activities performed in completing the Project, as specified in the Contract and as may be amended.
Statement of Work means a document signed by Customer and Vendor describing a specific set of activities and/or deliverables, which may include Work Product and Intellectual Property Rights, that Vendor is to provide Customer, issued pursuant to the Contract.
Statement of Work means the statement submitted by a Framework Supplier as part of a further competition as described in paragraph 3.1.3 of Schedule 5 (Ordering Procedure) of this Framework Agreement;

Examples of Statement of Work in a sentence

Requirements DefinitionRequirements definition is a systematic approach to define the procurement requirements included in the requisition and/or shopping cart, which should be in the form of a Statement of Work, Terms of Reference, with technical specifications outlining the needs of the Organization.It is the first step in the implementation of procurement activity and an integrated step in its planning.

Contractor shall provide to EnviroSpark the services set forth on each Statement of Work (also referred to as “SOW”) entered into by the Parties substantially in the form of Exhibit B and supported by an EnviroSpark P.O. (as defined below) (the “Services”).

Contractor and EnviroSpark shall each give the other prompt written notice of any claim, controversy, or dispute arising under or related to this Agreement or a Statement of Work, and both parties shall engage in good faith discussions to resolve the matter.

Offerors are expected to examine the drawings, Statement of Work (SOW), Price Schedule, and all instructions.

Provide (1) a description of the Offeror’s ability to provide the logistical and other resources required to support the attorneys who will be assigned to perform the Statement of Work services, and (2) a description of Offeror’s relationships with experts in the construction industry who may be called upon to render expert opinions on delay and cost issues.

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Statement of Work means the industry standard implementation plan describing how our professional services will be provided to implement the Tyler Software, and outlining your and our roles and responsibilities in connection with that implementation. The Statement of Work is attached as Exhibit E.
Statement of Work or “SOW” means the document specifying, without limitation, the scope, objective, and time frame of the Work that Supplier will perform for Cisco.
Statement of Work means the specific provision in the final Contract that sets forth and defines in detail the agreed-upon objectives, expectations, performance standards, and other obligations.
Statement of Work means a Written statement that specifically describes the phases of Work or services, major tasks, or areas of responsibility the Contractor is to perform at a particular site, or within a particular locale during a stated period of time, according to a schedule of delivery. The statement must identify specific objectives that the Contractor is to attain or describe, in detail, and the deliverables that the Contractor is to provide.
Statement of Work means one or more statements of Work to be provided pursuant to and governed under the terms of this Agreement, substantially in the form attached as Appendix A, as agreed to by the Parties.
Statement of Work or “SOW” shall mean the document describing the activities SDs must perform to implement the RD, the RA, and O&M regarding the Site, which is attached as Appendix B.
Statement of Work or “SOW” means the Statement of Work, attached as Exhibit B (Statement of Work) to this Master Agreement, together with all attachments thereto, as the same may be amended by any approved Change Order or Amendment.