Department Head Sample Clauses

Department Head. A. Within ten (10) business days from his/her receipt of the decision resulting from the previous level, the employee may appeal to the Department Head using the original copy of the grievance.
Department Head. In the event the grievance is not resolved in Step 1, it shall be presented in writing by the Union to the Department Head or his/her designee within five (5) working days from the receipt of the answer or the date such answer was due, whichever is earlier. Within five (5) working days after the grievance is presented to Step 2, the Department Head shall discuss the grievance with the Union. The Department Head shall render a written answer to the grievance within five (5) working days after such discussion is held and provide a copy of such answer to the Union. The written grievance shall contain a statement of the grievant's complaint, the Section(s) of the Agreement allegedly violated, if applicable, the date of the alleged violation and the relief sought. The form shall be signed and dated by the grievant and Union representative. Improper grievance form, date or section citation shall not be grounds for denial of the grievance.
Department Head is an individual appointed to head a department and shall include any individual properly designated to act for the department head in his absence.
Department Head. Each department utilized by an Employer in a Production shall have one Department Head who is a member of that specific department unless a work permit is granted via Article Three Permits.
Department Head. A Department Head is a Faculty Member appointed by the College to administer the work of a department.
Department Head for the purpose of this Article, shall mean the person responsible for the department where said violation occurred.
Department Head. An employee may formally submit a grievance to the Department Head within fourteen (14) calendar days from the occurrence which gives rise to the problem. Such submission shall be in writing and shall state the nature of the grievance and suggested solution. Within seven (7) calendar days after the receipt of the written grievance, the Department Head or his or her representative(s) shall meet with the grievant. Within seven (7) calendar days thereafter, a written decision shall be given to the grievant.
Department Head. When the administration determines that a Department Head is necessary to coordinate any program or subject area, the faculty may elect a tenured full-time faculty member from within the department. If tenured full-time faculty members within the department are not nominated to fill the vacancy, the faculty may nominate any other faculty member. A Department Head must be a faculty member. The Department Head assignment will be for a two (2) year term, with additional two (2) year appointments possible if re-elected. Department Head elections will be held before the end of April and before overload selection. The person elected will assume responsibility at the beginning of summer semester. Vacancies which occur mid- term for any reason will follow this process as soon as practical. The person elected shall serve the remaining portion of the academic year, plus an additional year. This procedure will be followed to fill all Department Head assignments:
Department Head. The Department Head is in charge of the Meat and Fish Departments in the store, and has the knowledge and ability to operate the department to the satisfaction of the management. Duties include supervision ochf atnhdeisdee, psaerrtvmiceenttopecrussotnonmeel,rso, radnedrintgheofopmeerar­ tion of the department in accordance with the Employer’s merchandising policy.
Department Head. A. If the grievance is not settled to the Employee’s satisfaction at Step I, the Employee may file a written appeal with the Department Head to whom the aggrieved Employee’s immediate supervisor reports within 10 Days of receipt of Step I answer. Within ten (10) Days of receipt of the appeal, a hearing shall be held. If requested by either party, the aggrieved Employee, Association Representative, and the Employee’s immediate supervisor may attend the second step hearing.