Overtime Hours Sample Clauses

Overtime Hours. Except as otherwise provided in this section, all hours worked in excess of the established work day, before or after an employee's regular scheduled shift, or on any regularly scheduled day off, shall be considered overtime. All paid vacation time, paid holidays, paid sick leave, compensatory time off, and paid leaves of absence shall be considered as "time worked" for purposes of this Article. Part-time employees whose established work day is less than eight (8) hours shall not be considered to be working overtime until having completed eight (8) hours of work.
Overtime Hours. Overtime shall be work performed by an employee which is in excess of forty (40) hours in one
Overtime Hours. (1) Notwithstanding the provisions of subclause 7.1 (1) (a), (b) and (c) of this part of the Agreement, no employer shall require or permit an employee to work overtime-
Overtime Hours. A. All authorized time worked before regular starting time and/or after regular quitting time, including authorized time worked during the regular lunch period, shall be paid at time and one-half the average straight time hourly earnings as computed in Section 8.11 reflecting the earnings for the week in which the overtime is worked.
Overtime Hours for Employees Working a 7(k) Schedule: The following will constitute overtime for employees working a 7(k) schedule:
Overtime Hours. Management will allow an employee to bank a maximum of 40 hours of overtime at any given time. The opportunity to bank overtime hours will be afforded to seniority employees only. Banked hours may be carried over from one calendar year to another.
Overtime Hours. The overtime rate shall be time and one half of the firefighter's regular hourly rate.
Overtime Hours. (a) Work performed in excess of the minimum daily call shall be paid as overtime.
Overtime Hours. Where the Employer requires a shift to be extended, overtime hours thereby created shall be offered in descending order of seniority amongst employees working such shift. Additional hours (in excess of 75 hours) that attract overtime in accordance with Article 20, will be offered by seniority.