Obligations Under This Agreement Sample Clauses

Obligations Under This Agreement. To the extent that the provisions or -------------------------------- requirements of this Agreement and any agreement related thereto, may impose obligations on UAM SSC to provide services, conform to a standard of conduct, adhere to a stipulated process or procedure, or otherwise undertake to perform a defined duty or responsibility, or may require the Company to fulfill such obligations, UAM SSC shall perform such obligations and shall at all times use reasonable care and act in good faith in performing such obligations.
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Obligations Under This Agreement. Each of the parties of this Agreement recognises that they have specific obligations to achieve the common goals and objectives.
Obligations Under This Agreement. Caesars Virginia’s obligations under this Agreement, including but not limited to the obligation to purchase the Xxxxxxxxxxx Property and make any payments to the City, are conditioned upon a majority of those voting in the casino gaming referendum to be held pursuant to the Act on November 3, 2020, in the City (the “Referendum”) voting in the affirmative, with the only exception being the agreements and obligations contained in Section 14.o. to indemnify and reimburse the City for any costs and expenses, including legal fees, but solely with respect to any claim, action, or proceeding arising out of this Agreement (the “Surviving Obligations”).
Obligations Under This Agreement. Neither the giving of any approval, consent, examination, acknowledgement, knowledge of the terms of any agreement or document nor the review of any document or course of action by or on behalf of the Authority, shall unless otherwise expressly stated in this Agreement, relieve the Operator of any of its obligations under this Agreement or of any duty which it may have hereunder to ensure the correctness, accuracy or suitability of the matter or thing which is the subject of the approval, consent, examination, acknowledgement or knowledge.
Obligations Under This Agreement. All employees shall be obliged and be prepared to: Work throughout the manufacturing centre across the range of all machines, equipment and processes. Comply with all company safety rules and regulations including the use of all protective equipment. Work productively within job requirements and allocated tasks and to participate in the process of continuous improvement in all aspects of the enterprise’s operation that includes: Direct productivity increases. Occupational health and safety. Quality of communication. Housekeeping and cleanliness. Reduction in the current level of controllable operating cost, ie. maintenance, power, etc. ACS shall ensure that no employee will be required to undertake tasks for which they have not received training.
Obligations Under This Agreement. For purposes of clarification, each party shall remain responsible for its respective obligations under this Agreement and any other agreement entered into in connection herewith.
Obligations Under This Agreement. Borrower shall use its best efforts to comply with the provisions of this Agreement.
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Obligations Under This Agreement. Subject to the terms hereof, the Company and the Partnership will do and perform their respective obligations under this Agreement to the extent required to consummate the transactions contemplated hereby.
Obligations Under This Agreement. Each of the Originators, the Servicer, the Performance Guarantor, the Borrower, MCII Coaches, MCII Holdings and the Administrative Agent agrees that nothing in the Receivables Purchase Agreement, shall derogate from or in any way diminish the obligations and liabilities of the Servicer, the Borrower, the Performance Guarantor, the Administrative Agent, and the other parties hereto, or the rights, powers and privileges of Financial Security, set forth in or by reference in the Insurance Agreement.
Obligations Under This Agreement. Each of the parties to this Agreement recognises that they have specific obligations to achieve the common goals and objectives. It is a term of this Agreement that the parties undertake to continue with the implementation of structural efficiency measures at the workplace level and that they will continue to assist and actively cooperate in achieving increased productivity, efficiency and flexibility. It is a term of this Agreement that the parties continue to observe the concept of continuous improvement. The agreed definition of continuous improvement is as follows:- Continuous improvement is the ongoing process of Employees and the Company identifying and implementing any areas that improve the operating performance of the Company which has an impact on its competitiveness through service, quality or productivity enhancements. This ultimately benefits the Company and the Employees.
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