To the City Sample Clauses

To the City. Tammy Brown, Recreation Manager Department of Parks and Recreation 101 City Hall Plaza Durham, NC 27701 The fax number is (919) 560-4021 To the Contractor: Fun2Ref, LLC Lynn Dunbar 1105 Infinity Rd. Durham, NC 27712 The phone number is (919) 475-3851
To the City. Art Noriega City Manager 444 SW 2nd Avenue, 10th Floor Miami, FL 33130 WITH COPY TO: Victoria Méndez City Attorney 444 SW 2nd Avenue, Ste. 945 Miami, FL 33130
To the City. Chief Administrative Officer City of New Orleans 1300 Perdido Street, 9th Floor New Orleans, LA 70112 & City Attorney City of New Orleans 1300 Perdido Street, Suite 5E03 New Orleans, LA 70112 Copy to: Chief Executive Officer City of New Orleans New Orleans Recreation Development Commission 5420 Franklin Avenue New Orleans, LA 70122
To the City. Attention: Jeffrey Bunnell Project Manager, Firefighter Wellness Contract City of Durham Fire Department 2008 E. Club Blvd. Durham, NC 27704 The fax number is (919) 560-4256. Email: To the Contractor: Stuart H. Manning, MD Research Triangle Occupational Health Services, PA (RTOHS) 3200 Croasdaile Drive, Suite 405 Durham, NC 27705-2594 The fax number is (919) 226-0390. Email: An additional copy of any notice and other communication may also be sent by e-mail to the above e-mail addresses.
To the City. Except in the event the City has not established or maintained a City Solid Waste Enterprise Fund, no recourse shall be had to the general funds or general credit of the City for the payment of any amount due the County hereunder, or the performance of any obligation incurred hereunder, including any Loss- and-Expense of any nature arising from the performance or non-performance of the City’s obligations hereunder. The sole recourse of the County for all such amounts shall be to the funds held in any such Solid Waste Enterprise Fund. All amounts held in any City Solid Waste Enterprise Fund shall be held for the uses permitted and required thereby, and no such amounts shall constitute property of the County. The City shall make adequate provision in the administration of any City Solid Waste Enterprise Fund for the payment of any amount or the performance of any obligation which may be due hereunder.
To the City. Mayor Adrian Perkins City of Shreveport 1244 Texas Avenue Shreveport, LA 71101 For Outside Counsel: Johnson & Johnson, PC ATTN: Curtis D. Johnson, Jr. 1407 Union Avenue, Suite 1002 Memphis, TN 38104 (901) 725-7520 The Connor Group, LLC ATTN: Karl Connor 2218 Napoleon Avenue New Orleans, LA 70115 (504) 450-7752 Hammonds Sills Adkins & Guice, LLC ATTN: Alejandro R. Perkins 2431 S. Acadian Thruway Suite 600 Baton Rouge, LA 70808 (225) 923-3462 Washington & Wells LLC ATTN: Alex Washington 1700 Irving Place Shreveport, LA 71101 Addresses may be changed at any time upon written notice to the other Party.
To the City. The City of Cold Lake 5513 48 Avenue Cold Lake, AB T9M 1A1 Attention: Manager of Planning and Development To the Developer: (Address) Attention: Provided, however, that such address may be changed upon TEN (10) days’ notice. Further, if a notice is sent by registered mail, it is deemed to have been received at the expiry of SEVEN (7) business days following the date of mailing, or if by personal delivery, at the time the notice was delivered. In the event that a notice is to be served at a time when there is an actual or anticipated interruption of mail service affecting the delivery of such mail, any notice permitted or required to be given shall be made by personal delivery.
To the City. City Administrator City of Edgerton, Kansas PO Box 255 404 E. Nelson Street Edgerton, KS 66021 With a copy to: City Attorney Patrick G. Reavey REAVEY LAW LLC Livestock Exchange Bldg. 1600 Genessee, Suite 303 Kansas City, Missouri 64102 To the BNSF: BNSF Railway Company 2500 Lou Menk Drive, AOB-3 Fort Worth, Texas 76131 Attention: Mark Ude With copies to: David Rankin, Esq. Senior General Attorney BNSF Railway Company 2500 Lou Menk Drive, AOB-3 Fort Worth, Texas 76131 And
To the City. Ann E. Wall, City Manager City of Greenville P.O. Box 7207 Greenville, NC 27835 Email: To Uptown: Uptown Greenville 408 S Evans Street, Suite 102 PO Box 92 Greenville, NC 27835 Attention: Meredith Hawke Email: Change of Address. Date Notice Deemed Given. A change of address, email address, fax number, or person to receive notices under subsection (a) shall be made by notice given pursuant to subsection (a). All notices and other communications related to or under this contract shall be deemed given and sent at the time of actual delivery, if personally delivered or sent by fax, personal delivery, UPS, Federal Express, or a designated delivery service. If the notice or other communication is sent by United States mail, it shall be deemed given upon the third calendar day following the day on which such notice or other communication is deposited with the United States Postal Service or upon actual delivery, whichever first occurs.