Statement of Work Sample Clauses

Statement of Work. The Contractor shall provide the services and staff, and otherwise do all things necessary for or incidental to the performance of work, as set forth below:
Statement of Work. Supplier agrees to perform the Services listed in the statement of work attached as Attachment A (“Statement of Work”) and any other documents referenced in the Incorporated Documents section herein, at the prices set forth in the Statement of Work and any other documents referenced in the Incorporated Documents section herein. Unless otherwise provided in the Agreement, UC will not be obligated to purchase a minimum amount of Goods and/or Services from Supplier.
Statement of Work. A. Each Federal Agency agrees to:
Statement of Work. A) Services provided under this Contract shall be based on the Sample Statement of Work as set forth in Appendix C of this Contract. Customers may negotiate the terms and conditions of a SOW to suit their business needs, so long as the SOW terms and conditions do not conflict with this Contract.
Statement of Work. Under the terms and conditions of this Price Agreement, the using agency may issue orders for items and/or services described herein. The terms and conditions of this Price Agreement shall form a part of each order issued hereunder. The items and/or services to be ordered shall be listed under Article IXPrice Schedule. All orders issued hereunder will bear both an order number and this Price Agreement number. It is understood that no guarantee or warranty is made or implied by either the New Mexico State Purchasing Agent or the user that any order for any definite quantity will be issued under this Price Agreement. The Contractor is required to accept the order and furnish the items and/or services in accordance with the articles contained hereunder for the quantity of each order issued.
Statement of Work. 2.1 OVERVIEW Requests for placements, posting of Task Order Request Forms for Consultants under the HBITS Contract shall only be distributed to the “Active” Contractors, group of 20. All Contractors awarded under the HBITS Contract are expected to (but not required to) maintain a subcontractor network that may include New York State certified M/WBEs and SBEs. All Executive Agency placements under the HBITS Contract shall go through the MSP, an HBITS focused group, housed within OGS, which will handle all administrative aspects of placing Consultants, including centralized billing and payment for all Executive Agency purchases; as well as several other key activities within the enhanced HBITS process detailed in Appendix F. This organization will serve as the central point of contact for the Contractor pool. The following sets forth a pictorial representation of how the Executive Agencies, the MSP and the Contractor will exchange information regarding opportunities. All non-Executive Agency Authorized User placements under the HBITS Contract shall be predominately conducted by such Authorized User. Such entities are referred to as “Non-MSP Users.”
Statement of Work. The AAA shall provide the services and staff, and otherwise do all things necessary for or incidental to the performance of work, as set forth in the attached Statement of Work (Exhibit A).
Statement of Work. MyEcheck may render services, working individually or with the Customer and/or third parties retained by Customer, (the "Consulting Services") to Customer on a time and materials basis as may be agreed upon in a written Statement of Work, which will become a part of this Agreement. No Supplemental Consulting Services will be preformed until such time as a duly authorized Statement of Work is prepared and approved by all Parties.
Statement of Work. Certain Axon Devices and Services, including Axon Interview Room, Axon Channel Services, and Axon Fleet, may require a Statement of Work that details Axon’s Service deliverables (“SOW”). In the event Axon provides an SOW to Agency, Axon is only responsible to perform Services described in the SOW. Additional services are out of scope. The Parties must document scope changes in a written and signed change order. Changes may require an equitable adjustment in fees or schedule. The SOW is incorporated into this Agreement by reference.