Bus Drivers Sample Clauses

Bus Drivers. Attendants: The regular workweek for bus drivers and attendants shall be a minimum of twenty-five (25) hours per week and the work schedule shall be consistent with the appropriate school calendars.
Bus Drivers. 1. There will be only one regular driver assigned to a bus route. Any other driver operating that route will be paid as a substitute. The posting of vacancies as provided in Article V Section B of this Agreement shall carry the route number that is assigned to such vacancy.
Bus Drivers. (a) The Bus Driver "A" classification covers a driver engaged to drive a school bus for the transportation of students to school at the beginning of the classroom day and from school at the end of the classroom day, and other driving duties assigned between the end of the morning run and the beginning of the afternoon run. The above assignments shall be to a total maximum of six (6) hours per day. The School Bus Driver “A” shall be paid for a minimum of six (6) hours per day. Assignments totaling more than six (6) hours within the time frames above on a normal classroom day shall be paid at the straight time rate for the first two (2) hours, and at the overtime rate thereafter. Assignments outside the time frame above on a classroom day shall be paid at the straight time rate for the first two (2) hours, and at the overtime rate thereafter, unless the hours worked on that day result in the overtime rate being reached before the two (2) hours are completed.
Bus Drivers. 1. Bus drivers will work a minimum of four (4) hours per day and a minimum of one hundred eighty (180) days per year. The time will include cleaning time, checking tires and brakes, and fueling his/her vehicle.
Bus Drivers a. During the school year, bus drivers shall receive average paychecks based upon the total number of hours they are scheduled to work during the school year, divided by the number of paychecks in that school year. Adjustments will be made in each pay period if necessary. This procedure is not, however, to be interpreted as meaning that said bus drivers are salaried. These adjustments will reflect any addition or deletion to normal hours in the prior weeks. Bus Drivers will be paid their contracted hourly rate for any duties performed between September 1 and June 30. For duties performed between July 1 and August 31, drivers will be paid their summer hourly rate. Summer routes will be chosen based on seniority.
Bus Drivers. Open bus routes shall be filled by the Director with special consideration for seniority. When seniority is not used, rationale will be provided upon request. Attempt to make all short bus routes a minimum of 4 hours. (Philosophy: An attempt will be made to employ bus drivers for a minimum of 4 hours per day.)
Bus Drivers. 11:5.1 Bus drivers will be laid off at the completion of each school year and any reduction in FTE during the school year, whether full or partial reduction in FTE, will be addressed in accordance with Article 20:3.4.
Bus Drivers. The provisions of this Article apply to school term bus drivers except as hereinafter modified. Bus Drivers are guaranteed a base of one thousand and ninety (1090) hours per school year. Guarantee consists of 1090 hours divided by possible working days in a school year times actual number of days worked. This excludes Saturday and Sunday and General Holiday trips.
Bus Drivers. (Special Agencies Coalition) Physical examinations for bus drivers’ licenses required by the Agency shall be provided by the Agency.