Preparation of Sample Clauses

Preparation of. “As-Built” Record Drawings - BA shall review the record drawings provided by the CM@Risk Contractor and provide comments, required corrections or changes. Once the Contractor markups are correct and match the built project, BA shall prepare record drawings and provide them to the City in 24” X 36” PDF format.
Preparation of a Broker Bullet Sheet to be sent to every broker who shows interest in working the leads and the stock.
Preparation of a Broker Bullet Sheet to be sent to every broker who shows interest in working the leads and the stock. (As soon as possible).
Preparation of. Remediation System Startup” and “As-builtreport(s), and submission of same to the DEC within ninety (90) days of system startup. If the as- built report is late, then $3,500 will be subtracted from the first milestone.
Preparation of. A BUDGET At least thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of Borrower's fiscal year, Borrower agrees to prepare and submit to the Board, and furnish to the Lender a copy of, an annual plan for such year which shall include, without limitation, plans for expansion, if any, plans for incurrences of Indebtedness and projections regarding other sources of funds, quarterly projected capital and operating expense budgets, cash flow statements, profit and loss statements and balance sheet projections, itemized in such detail as the Board and/or the Lender may request.
Preparation of engineering design and tender documents for procurement of services and works for Part 1 and 2. Consultancy services are being funded by the Project Entity.
Preparation of. (A) a feasibility study for sanitation and sewerage works in Kinshasa; and (B) future works for enhancing water supply to be carried out in: (1) Inkisi, (2) Tshikapa, (3) Kamina, (4) Kolwezi, and (5) Bandundu, all including the provision of technical advisory services.
Preparation of a Broker Bullet Sheet to be sent to every broker who indicates an interest in the Client.
Preparation of. Pricing Supplement: If any order to purchase a Book-Entry Note is accepted by or on behalf of the Company, the Company will prepare a free writing prospectus, and/or Term Sheet, if applicable and a pricing supplement (a “Pricing Supplement”) reflecting the terms of such Note. The Company (i) will arrange to file with the Commission an electronic format document, in the manner prescribed by the EDGAR Filer Manual, of such Term Sheet and Pricing Supplement in accordance with, in the case of any free writing prospectus and/or Term Sheet, Rule 433 under the Securities Act and, in the case of the Pricing Supplement, the applicable paragraph of Rule 424(b) under the Securities Act, (ii) will, with respect to each of the free writing prospectus and/or Term Sheet, if applicable, and the Pricing Supplement, as soon as possible and in any event not later than the date on which the applicable document is filed with the Commission, deliver the number of copies of such document to the Agent as the Agent shall request and (iii) will, on the Agent’s behalf, promptly file five copies of such Pricing Supplement with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (the “FINRA”) or otherwise satisfy FINRA’s filing requirements. The Agent will cause the free writing prospectus and/or Term Sheet, if applicable, and the Pricing Supplement to be delivered, or otherwise made available, to the purchaser of the Note. In each instance that a Pricing Supplement is prepared, the Agent will affix the Pricing Supplement to Prospectuses prior to their use. Outdated free writing prospectuses, Term Sheets, Pricing Supplements, and the Prospectuses to which they are attached (other than those retained for files), will be destroyed.
Preparation of. Drawings (i) The Contractor shall prepare the Drawings, which are necessary for the execution of the Works, which shall be in accordance with the Construction Requirements. (ii) All Drawings relating to the Works shall be subject to review by the Project Engineer as hereinafter provided in the succeeding sub-article (b). (b) Review of Drawings (i) The Contractor shall promptly and in such sequence as is consistent with the Construction Requirements, submit required number of copies of the Drawings to the Project Engineer and PWD. (ii) By forwarding the Drawings to the Project Engineer and PWD pursuant to the preceding sub-article (i), the Contractor shall be deemed to have represented that it has verified and determined that the Drawings forwarded arc in conformity with the Construction Requirements. (iii) Within 15 days of receipt of the Drawings, Project Engineer shall review the same taking into account, interalia, comments of PWD, if any, thereon, and convey its comments/observations to the Contractor on the conformity of Drawings with Construction Requirements. If the comments/observations of the Project Engineer indicate that the Drawings arc not in conformity with the Construction Requirements, such Drawings shall be revised by the Contractor to the extent necessary and resubmitted to Project Engineer for further review. The Project Engineer shall give its observations and comments, if any, within 15 (fifteen) days of receipt of 9