Preparation of Sample Clauses

Preparation of a Broker Bullet Sheet to be sent to every broker who shows interest in working the leads and the stock. (As soon as possible).
Preparation of a Broker Bullet Sheet to be sent to every broker who shows interest in working the leads and the stock.
Preparation of. “As-Built” Record Drawings - BA shall review the record drawings provided by the CM@Risk Contractor and provide comments, required corrections or changes. Once the Contractor markups are correct and match the built project, BA shall prepare record drawings and provide them to the City in 24” X 36” PDF format.
Preparation of. Remediation System Startup” and “As-built” report(s), and submission of same to the DEC within ninety (90) days of system startup. If the as- built report is late, then $3,500 will be subtracted from the first milestone.
Preparation of a proposal for the creation of a new database of Material properties at Cryogenic temperature
Preparation of. Whitewash The lime shall be slaked at site and shall be mixed and stirred with about five liters of water for 1 kg ofunslaked lime to make a thin cream. This shall be allowed to stand for a period of 24 hours and shall then bescreened through clean coarse cloth. 1 kg of gum dissolved in hot water shall be added to every one cubicmeter of lime cream. About 1.3 Kg of sodium chloride dissolved in hot water shall also be added for every 10kg of lime for making the coating hard and rub-resistant. Small quantity of ultramarine blue (upto 3 gm per kgof lime) shall also be added to the last two coats of white wash solution and the whole solution shall be stirredthoroughly before use.
Preparation of. Surfaces Surfaces shall be prepared as specified under dry distemper. Pitting in plaster shall be made good with Plaster of Paris mixed with dry distemper of the colour to be used. The surface shall then be rubbed down again with sandpaper and made smooth. A coat of distemper shall be applied over the patches. The surface shall be allowed to dry thoroughly before the regular coat of distemper is applied.
Preparation of engineering design and tender documents for procurement of services and works for Part 1 and 2. Consultancy services are being funded by the Project Entity.
Preparation of. When the Company requires a highway driver t make initial hook-up of equipment final unhooking and storing of the equipment, such shall be paid at his appropriate hourly rate for all time spent performing these duties. Where it is required by the Company, it shall be the responsibility of the driver to check oil, gas, tires, windshield washer and water. He may also be required to check lights, tie tarpaulins and complete log sheets, and such drivers shall be paid at their appropriate hourly rate for all time spent performing such duties. Any defects in same shall be immediately reported to the proper authorities.
Preparation of. “Drawings and General Notes” for the pipeline, and preparation of “Issued for Construction” pipeline drawings;