Days of Work Sample Clauses

Days of Work. (a) Unless otherwise agreed to by the Component Bargaining Principals, no employee shall be scheduled to work more than five consecutive days.
Days of Work. The days of work shall be Monday to Friday inclusive except where it is necessary to provide service to the public on Saturdays, when sufficient staff may be maintained at the discretion of the department.
Days of Work. 26.1 Working Calendar Days include all days that the Contractor is permitted to execute the Work or employ any person to execute the Work within the Contract Time.
Days of Work. The number of days in the work year of Paraprofessionals shall be no less than 180 days.
Days of Work. The days of work shall be five (5) consecutive days per week and two (2) consecutive days of rest except, to facilitate shift rotation, up to seven (7) consecutive work days may be scheduled as part of the normal straight time work schedule followed by two (2) consecutive days of rest. For the following shift rotation, the employee shall be scheduled for three (3) consecutive days of work in a week. The number of shift rotations in a calendar year shall not exceed six (6). For the purpose of this clause, a week is defined as Friday 12:00 midnight to the following Friday 12:00 midnight.
Days of Work. 14.1 Employees shall work field hours of 146 2/3 hours per four week block (see Letter of Understanding).
Days of Work. The ordinary hours of work prescribed herein may be worked on any day or all of the days of the week, Monday to Friday.
Days of Work. 12.01 Days of work shall coincide with the school days of each school year, as determined by the Board, and shall include all professional development days with the exception of four (4) non- instructional days as determined annually by the Labour-Management Committee.