DUTY OF Sample Clauses

DUTY OF. ENQUIRY For each Series, no person dealing with the Trustee or with any Receiver of all or any of the Secured Property in respect of such Series appointed by the Trustee shall be concerned to enquire whether any event has happened upon which any of the powers, authorities and discretions conferred by or pursuant to these presents in relation to such Secured Property in respect of such Series or any other Secured Property or any other property, assets or undertaking are or may be exercisable by the Trustee or by any such Receiver or otherwise as to the propriety or regularity of acts purporting or intended to be in exercise of any such powers, authorities or discretions and all the protections to purchasers contained in Sections 104 and 107 of the Law of Property Act 1925 shall apply to any person purchasing from or dealing with the Trustee or any such Receiver in like manner as if the statutory powers of sale and of appointing a Receiver in relation to such Secured Property in respect of such Series or any other Secured Property or any other property, assets or undertaking had not been varied or extended by these presents.
DUTY OF confidentiality During the period from the date of this Agreement until 2 years after the earlier termination or expiry of this Agreement, each Party must treat as confidential all the provisions of this Agreement and any information disclosed by the other Party pursuant to this Agreement and each Party must not disclose such information to third persons without the prior written consent of the other and it must take all reasonable precautions to ensure that its employees maintain the confidentiality of such information, except: (a) each Party may disclose such confidential information under similar conditions of confidentiality to any Related Corporation; (b) the provisions of this clause will not apply to information which is or becomes part of the public knowledge or literature or which is lawfully obtained by a Party from sources other than this Agreement or the other Party; (c) each Party and any Related Corporation may make such disclosures as are required by law or by the rules of any stock exchange or regulatory agency having jurisdiction over such Party or Related Corporation; (d) each Party and any Related Corporation may disclose such confidential information to any of the undermentioned persons provided that the disclosing Party first obtains a binding confidentiality undertaking from them in favour of the other Party which reflects the intent of this clause: (i) any professional adviser;

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  • Duty of Loyalty Executive acknowledges and agrees that Executive owes a fiduciary duty of loyalty to act at all times in the best interests of Company. In keeping with such duty, Executive shall make full disclosure to Company of all business opportunities pertaining to Company’s business and shall not appropriate for Executive’s own benefit business opportunities concerning Company’s business.

  • Duty of Confidence Subject to the other provisions of this Article 8, all Confidential Information disclosed by a Party or its Affiliates under this Agreement will be maintained in confidence and otherwise safeguarded by the recipient Party. The recipient Party may only use the Confidential Information for the purposes of this Agreement and pursuant to the rights granted to the recipient Party under this Agreement. Subject to the other provisions of this Article 8, each Party shall hold as confidential such Confidential Information of the other Party or its Affiliates in the same manner and with the same protection as such recipient Party maintains its own confidential information. Subject to the other provisions of this Article 8, a recipient Party may only disclose Confidential Information of the other Party to employees, agents, contractors, consultants and advisers of the Party and its Affiliates and to Third Parties (including, in the case of Protiva, Sublicensees and their Affiliates) but in each case only to the extent reasonably necessary for the purposes of, and for those matters undertaken pursuant to, this Agreement and only if such Persons are bound to maintain the confidentiality of the Confidential Information in a manner consistent with the confidentiality provisions of this Agreement.

  • Duty of Confidentiality Licensee will protect the TCK as Oracle Confidential Information protected under this Section 6.0. A party receiving Confidential Information may not: (i) disclose Confidential Information to any third party, except that such party may exchange comments or questions concerning its use or the results of using the TCK, including relevant excerpts of the TCK, provided such TCK excerpts are inherently part of such results, but not the non-relevant portions of the TCK itself, or (ii) use Confidential Information except for the purpose of developing and testing Products. The receiving party will protect the confidentiality of Confidential Information to the same degree of care, but no less than reasonable care, as such party uses to protect its own Confidential Information. Obligations regarding Confidential Information will expire three (3) years from the date of receipt of the Confidential Information, except for source code, which will be protected by Licensee in perpetuity.

  • Duty of Care (a) The Manager and Directors shall not be liable to the Company or to any of its Members for any loss or damage occasioned by any act or omission in the performance of their services under this Agreement, unless it shall be determined by final judicial decision on the merits from which there is no further right to appeal that such loss is due to an act or omission of such Manager or Director constituting willful misfeasance, bad faith, or gross negligence of the duties involved in the conduct of such Manager’s or Director’s office.

  • Duty of Cooperation Each party hereto shall cooperate fully with the other in all reasonable respects in order to accomplish the objectives of this Agreement, including making available to each other their respective officers and employees and agents for interviews and meeting with Governmental Authority (as defined in the Services Agreement), and furnishing any additional assistance, information and documents as may be reasonably requested by a party from time to time. The duty of cooperation shall apply, but not be limited, to regulatory matters and to litigation matters involving third parties. [***]: CONFIDENTIAL PORTIONS OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE COMMISSION.

  • Jury Duty Pay A full-time employee summoned to Jury Duty or Witness Duty, where subpoenaed in a court of law, or where subpoenaed to an arbitration hearing or an LRB hearing shall be paid wages amounting to the difference paid them for Jury or Witness service and the amount they would have earned had they worked on such days. Employees on Jury or Witness Duty shall furnish the Employer with such statements of earnings as the courts may supply. This does not apply if the employee is summoned on his/her day(s) off. Part-time employees, when appearing as a material witness on behalf of the Employer shall be rescheduled or paid for lost hours. Employees shall return to work within a reasonable period of time. They shall not be required to report if less than two (2) hours of their normal shift remains to be worked. Total hours on Jury Duty or Witness Duty and actual work on the job in the store in one (1) day shall not exceed eight

  • Duty of Disclosure The Manager has an affirmative duty to disclose material facts to the Members. Information is considered material if there is a substantial likelihood that a reasonable Investor would consider it important in making an investment decision. The Manager must not make any untrue statements to the Members and must not omit disclosing any material facts to the Members. The Manager has a further duty to disclose conflicts of interest that may exist between the interests of the Manager and its Affiliates and the interests of the Company or any of the individual Members.

  • No Duty of Investigation No purchaser, lender or other Person dealing with the Trustees or any officer, employee or agent of the Trust or a Class or Series thereof shall be bound to make any inquiry concerning the validity of any transaction purporting to be made by the Trustees or by said officer, employee or agent or be liable for the application of money or property paid, loaned, or delivered to or on the order of the Trustees or of said officer, employee or agent. Every obligation, contract, instrument, certificate, Share, other security or undertaking of the Trust or a Class or Series, and every other act or thing whatsoever executed in connection with the Trust shall be conclusively presumed to have been executed or done by the executors thereof only in their capacity as Trustees under this Declaration or in their capacity as officers, employees or agents of the Trust. Every written obligation, contract, instrument, certificate, Share, other security or undertaking of the Trust or a Class or Series made or issued by the Trustees may recite that the same is executed or made by them not individually, but as Trustees under the Declaration, and that the obligations of the Trust or a Class or Series thereof under any such instrument are not binding upon any of the Trustees or Shareholders individually, but bind only the Trust Property or the Trust Property of the applicable Class or Series, and may contain any further recital which they may deem appropriate, but the omission of any such recital shall not operate to bind the Trustees or Shareholders individually.

  • Duty Hours The Resident Physician shall fulfill responsibilities during duty hours defined in Sponsoring Institution policies and procedures and as the Program Director may direct in accordance with policies and procedures in the Manual for Residents and Fellows.

  • Duty The Buyer must pay all duty on this contract.