Union Representative definition

Union Representative means a representative from the Union authorized by the Union to act on behalf of an Employee.
Union Representative means a non-state employee officially designated by the
Union Representative means a person who is employed by the Local or who has been duly authorized to represent the Union through election or appointment in accordance with the Local’s by-laws.

Examples of Union Representative in a sentence

  • Where a Union Representative commences on an extended leave of absence, the Union will endeavour to find a temporary replacement for the Union Representative from within the Home.

  • On work of insufficient volume to warrant a Conference, those outlined in the Conference Report may, by mutual agreement, be communicated between the Employer and the Union Representative prior to the commencement of work.

  • The Employer, its appointed covered by this Agreement, and the Union shall hold a Conference before the start of the job, and the Local Union Representative at such conference shall be authorized by the Union to represent the Local Union for the entire area covered by the job within the jurisdiction of the Local Union.

  • The Company will notify the Union with at least one (1) week’s notice prior to the date, time, and location of the JLMC meeting and a Union Representative may attend if available.

  • The Employer shall forward a job notification to the appropriate International Union Representative designated by the Union for the area involved and a copy for the Local having territorial jurisdiction, immediately upon his knowledge of all work to be done by the and all subcontractors under the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

More Definitions of Union Representative

Union Representative means a person who has been duly authorized to represent the Union through election or appointment in accordance with the Unifor Constitution or Local 5555 By-Laws.
Union Representative means a member of the staff of the Union or designated substitute. WORKSITE means Xxxxxxxx Lake Seniors Village. YEAR means a period from any given date in one month to the immediately preceding date twelve
Union Representative means an authorized staff representative of the USW.
Union Representative means an employee who has been elected or appointed as an area xxxxxxx or who represents the Union at meetings with management and who is authorized to represent the Union.