Union Representative definition

Union Representative means a representative from the Union authorized by the Union to act on behalf of an Employee.
Union Representative as used in this Agreement means any qualified member of the bargaining unit who is designated by the Union to act as its representative.

Examples of Union Representative in a sentence

  • Time Limit to institute a grievance: Termination or layoff All others ten calendar days fifteen (15) calendar days Failing settlement under a) above, such grievance shall be taken up between the employee’s Supervisor, or higher authority, and a Shop Xxxxxxx or Local Union Representative.

  • Failure to resolve the dispute, the Xxxxxxx may then approach the Union Representative who must then attempt to resolve the dispute.

  • Any employee alleging wrongful dismissal may place allegation before the Union Representative and if the Union Representative considers that the objection of the employee has merit, the dismissal shall become a grievance and be subject to the grievance procedure as established by this Agreement.

  • Any employee who believes that they are being sexually harassed, shall report this to their immediate supervisor, full-time Union Representative or Human Resources Director.

  • A Union Representative shall also be entitled to attend any such meeting.

More Definitions of Union Representative

Union Representative means a member of the staff of the Union or designated substitute;
Union Representative means an authorized staff representative of the USW.
Union Representative or “Union Xxxxxxx” is an employee of the Employer that is a trained Union official who represents and defends the interest of fellow employees relative to the CBA. “Union Staff Representative” is an employee of the Union. “United States Department of Homeland Security (US DHS)” xxx.xxx.xxx
Union Representative means a member of the staff of the Union or an employee approved for absence under Clause 20.03 who is designated, due to the absence of the Union representative, to substitute and perform the duties normally performed by a member of the staff of the Union. "work day" is a period of 24 consecutive hours commencing with the starting time of an employee's shift.
Union Representative. Means an authorized staff representative of the PSAC or a person who has been duly authorized to represent the union through election or appointment in accordance with the local’s by-laws.
Union Representative means a person duly designated as such in writing by the Union. REGULAR EMPLOYEES