IN TIME Sample Clauses

IN TIME. 55. If it is observed that the contractors carrying out the work fail to comply with the instruc- tions given by the higher Authorities at A.M.C. /M.C. level during execution of work twice, the work will be terminated and will be carried out at the risk and cost of the contractor and penal action will be taken against them. This decision will not be arbitrable at all.
IN TIME. A regular employee called in to work on a day when he/she is not scheduled to work shall be paid a minimum of two (2) hours pay for such work at the applicable rate of pay.
IN TIME. It is imperative that Tenant thoroughly inspect the physical condition of the premises upon move-in. Tenant agrees that no representations, warranties (expressed or implied) or covenants with respect to the condition, maintenance or improvements of the premises or other areas have been made to Tenant except those contained in this lease. Upon initial possession, the first arriving Tenant will inspect premises in the presence of Landlord and document and sign off on the unit’s condition carefully on the provided move-in checklist. Major items (electric, plumbing, HVAC) will be rectified at the earliest possible time and any other items within a reasonable time taking into equitable consideration the objectives of both Tenant and Landlord.
IN TIME. When an employee reports for work on his regular scheduled work day, he shall be guaranteed a minimum of two (2) hours work and/or pay. Any such employee commencing work shall be guaranteed a minimum of four (4) hours pay at the employee's regular rate, except where his work is suspended because of inclement weather or other reasons completely beyond the control of the company.
IN TIME. SECTION IV: An employee who is required and returns to work during periods other than his regular scheduled shift shall be guaranteed two (2) hours pay at the overtime rate unless it is contiguous to the normal workday. When the two (2) hours call-in time pay overlaps with the regular shift, upon commencement of the regular shift, the employee from that time on will not receive time and one-half but said employee shall receive straight time pay. PAY SCALES OR RATES OF PAY
IN TIME. A. When employees are called in to work outside of their regularly scheduled working hours, they will be paid a minimum of two (2) hours at time and a half except in instances where the employee is coming in to perform authorized overtime in accordance with his/her own schedule in which case the employee will be paid only for hours worked.
IN TIME. □AM □PM *In time is when the front doors are unlocked and the Client or any related parties first enter the facility. Out Time: □AM □PM *Out Time is when all related parties have exited the facility and the front doors are locked. All decorating and cleanup must be done during In Time and Out Time.
IN TIME. This assignment is agreed to and accepted for the entire duration of the author’s economic rights of the Designer according to applicable French law and current or future international conventions on author’s rights, including any eventual prolongation that may be given to such duration.
IN TIME. Any employee called to report to work outside of their regular scheduled shift shall be paid for a minimum of two (2) hours at the rate of time and one-half (1-1/2) the employee’s regular hourly rate of pay, but compensation shall not be paid twice for the same hours. The time calculation for employees called back to work shall include portal- to-portal pay. Portal to portal time is defined as the direct travel time from an employee’s home to the work site and the direct travel time from the work site back home.
IN TIME. A. Any employee "called in" to work after the termination of his regular shift, or called in prior to the start of his regular shift and not contiguous to such shift shall be paid for such hours called in at the rate of one and one-half (1 1/2) his regular hourly rate of pay. The call-in provisions will not be utilized to deprive an employee of his regularly scheduled work shift.