THE SCHOOL YEAR Sample Clauses

THE SCHOOL YEAR. Section 16.1 - Establishment of the Calendar A committee not to exceed twelve (12) in number shall be created, one-half (1/2) appointed by the Board and one-half (1/2) appointed by the Union, to study and recommend the calendar for each school year. The recommended calendar shall be submitted to the Board for its consideration on or before January 15 of each year. One (1) of the teachers appointed by the Union President shall serve on the County Calendar Committee, if possible.
THE SCHOOL YEAR. The teachers’ work year shall consist of 183 days. The teachers’ work year will begin the day before the first day of the students’ instructional year.” The working hours for employees shall not be increased during the term of this AGREEMENT unless such increase is made to shorten the school year for students. In the event of such an increase in teachers’ hours, the work year for teachers shall continue to be the student school year plus three (3) days as set forth in Article IV of this AGREEMENT. Past practice with respect to teacher attendance at parent-teacher conferences, faculty meetings, and the like shall continue during the term of this AGREEMENT. The Committee may provide release time for curriculum purposes each month. Should the Committee decide to provide such release time, it shall be used by teachers for curriculum development, curriculum evaluation and any other practices relating to the same, as determined by a joint effort of the teachers and the Administration.
THE SCHOOL YEAR. The Employer shall determine the school calendar. The employee shall work a maximum of 191 days per year (four of which may, or may not, be made up as a result of closings) at the discretion of the Board. During the initial year of their employment, teachers new to the district shall work a maximum of 195 days. The school year shall normally occur between September 1 and June 30. In addition, all professional employees covered by this Agreement may be required, without additional compensation, to spend no more than twelve (12) hours per school year as specifically assigned by the Administration beyond the seven and one-half (7½) hour school day for work-related duties such as, but not limited to, open house, faculty meetings, bus duty, science fairs, parent-teacher conferences and PTA meetings. Any assigned hours over the twelve (12) hours per school year will be compensated at the homebound instruction rate. The Administration may require, without additional compensation, Professional Employees to spend an additional three (3) hours per Contract year in an activity. The choice of this activity shall be at the discretion of the Administration. In-service/Professional Development days will consist of 6 hours of instruction with 1½ hours designated for lunch and travel between buildings.
THE SCHOOL YEAR. 16.1 Excepting teachers working at ADLC and Outreach Centres, teachers will not be required to render service for more than 200 consecutive days commencing the opening day of school in each school year, exclusive of vacation periods, weekends and holidays.
THE SCHOOL YEAR. Full-time employees in the bargaining unit shall be scheduled to work 190 days per year. This number of days will be considered as the basis for the professional salary schedule. New employees shall be scheduled to work up to seven (7) additional days during their first full school year of employment in the Great Valley School District.
THE SCHOOL YEAR. (i) The school year shall be 200 teaching days. This will be inclusive of public holidays falling within term time other than Sundays, and of half-term holidays, and those cases where special permission is granted. No school shall be required to be kept open on a public holiday.
THE SCHOOL YEAR. 40 Section 1 - Establishment of the Calendar 40 Section 2 - Calendar 40 Section 3Extended Contract-Guidance Counselors40 Section 4 - Extended Contract-Clay Teachers 40
THE SCHOOL YEAR. Members of the Bargaining Unit shall be compensated in accordance with the salary schedule. Such compensation shall be considered to include up to 186 days. If the work year is increased beyond 186 days (other than for new personnel and others who may be required to attend preschool orientation sessions), the Board shall compensate members of the Bargaining Unit at the per diem rate of 1/200 x the teacher's annual salary for each day the school year is increased. Before determining how to use additional days up to and including 186 days, the Board shall consider the recommendation of the Professional Development Committee, providing such recommendation is made in a timely fashion. A recommendation made by March 1st will be considered timely.