Regular school day definition

Regular school day means the period each school day between the designated arrival time for students and the end of the final instructional period.
Regular school day means the regularly scheduled class periods intended for instructional purposes. Instructional purposes may include core subjects, elective subjects, lunch, study halls, music instruction, and other classes that advance the academic instruction of pupils, except that instructional purposes shall not include athletic practices or extracurricular clubs and activities.
Regular school day means the calendar days Monday

Examples of Regular school day in a sentence

  • Regular school day: A regular school day shall be 8:00am to 2:45pm Monday through Friday.

  • Regular school day teachers were able to readily identify student needs and provide targeted support during afterschool programming as a result.

  • Regular school day rules will apply in addition: Senior Panel and Yearbook: Seniors wanting their picture on the panel and in the yearbook will abide by the following dress code: Collared, black buttoned-up shirt or wrap provided.

  • Regular school day is defined as the time between 8:00 A.M. and the end time of the last class in the school’s/secondary program’s schedule.

  • Regular school day teachers are required to regularly pull assessment data from the District’s Student Assessment Database – Measures.

  • Motion to approve the following changes to the Green Hills School 2018-2019 Calendar due to inclement weather cancellations:Thursday November 29th Parent Teacher Conferences 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.(originally scheduled for Thursday, 11/15) Regular school day for StudentsFriday November 30th Parent Teacher Conferences 1:30 – 4:00 p.m.(originally scheduled for Friday, 11/16) Early Dismissal Day for Students Motion to approve Board Business items A through B made by Mrs.

  • Regular school day - same as #2 above.Pay would be computed as follows: (4 teaching periods) x (full-time rate) = (4/8) (full-time rate) = part time salary.

  • Regular school day dismissal is at 3:10p.m. for Middle School and 3:20 p.m. for High School.

  • The aim of this study was develop a comprehensive floodplain management plan for Horsham to assist in urban planning and form a flood mitigation scheme for the (then) existing urban development on the floodplain.

  • Regular school day teacher surveys are a required federal reporting component utilized to ascertain student school-related behavior changes during the regular school day.

More Definitions of Regular school day

Regular school day means the amount of time each day of classes during which students are required to be in school, unless otherwise provided for in this Agreement.
Regular school day means the period from midnight the night before the first class period to 30 minutes after the end of the last class period.
Regular school day. Doors Open at 8:55 am ● Arrival will take place in the great hall near the covered drive ● All parents must park to drop off students ● Parents/Caregivers and Students will be Health Screened at the check-in kiosk before entry ● Once you have been screened and signed in you must take your student to use the restroom and wash hands ● You will then drop off your student and belongings by the gym entrance with Sonshine School staffParents will not be permitted in the gym or on the children’s hall during arrival/drop-off ● Please exit the building promptly after dropping off your student ● If you arrive after 9:15 am please use the door by Church Administrative offices and proceed to the Sonshine School office to be screened Dismissal Procedures You are required to pick up your student NO LATER than 1:30 pm at the designated area (or NO LATER than 2:30 pm if your student is enrolled in Extended Afternoon). Late fees will be assessed per the policy in the Enrollment Agreement on page 24. Students will NOT be permitted to leave the school with any person who is NOT listed on that student’s admission form, even IF we know this person. Please make sure to keep the list of approved people for picking up your student updated. Each person picking up your student is subject to having his or her state driver’s license checked. If someone comes to pick up your student that we do not know and they DO NOT have a picture ID, we will be unable to release your student to them EVEN IF they are on your approved list. Please contact the Director with any questions.
Regular school day. Doors Open at 1:20 pm ● Dismissal will take place in the great hall near the covered drive ● All parents must park to pick up students ● Sign your student out with a staff member at the kiosk and your student and their belongings will be brought to you ● Please exit the building promptly after picking up your student ● If you arrive after 1:35 pm please use the door by the Church Administrative offices and proceed to the Sonshine School office to sign out your student Afternoon Extended Care Closes at 2:30 pm If your student is in afternoon extended care you will use the entrance next to the Church Office. (First Parking Lot) Proceed to the Sonshine School office to sign out your student. School Hours Sonshine School is a part-time nine-month school year program: September - May Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9:00 am - 1:30 pm Extended Time (optional): 8:30 am - 9:00 am, 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm State Licensed Facility As a state-licensed preschool, we must inform you where you may find a copy of the State Minimum Standards which serves as our guidelines in operation. We have a copy for your convenience located in the Administrative Office. In that office, you will also find posted our most recent inspection by the state, as well as our annual fire inspection and sanitation inspection. You may view our most recent state inspection and review the minimum standards at xxxxx:// You may contact our local licensing agency at 000-000-0000.
Regular school day shall be defined as the daytime K-12 teacher workday of each local constituent school district as determined by its local collective bargaining agreement.
Regular school day or “ School Day” means a day where an LEA provides educational services to students subject to the requirements described in Section R277-419-5

Related to Regular school day

  • School day means any day or partial day that students are in attendance at school for instructional purposes.

  • Regular Shipper means (i) a Committed Shipper, and (ii) a Shipper that has Actual Shipments in each of the twelve months of the Base Period. A Regular Shipper described in clause (ii) ceases to be a Regular Shipper if it has no Actual Shipments for one or more months out of the Base Period, and thereafter, that Shipper will be treated as a New Shipper unless and until it meets Regular Shipper criteria.