The Assignments Sample Clauses

The Assignments. On the [Initial] Closing Date, [the Seller shall execute and deliver the First Step Initial Receivables Assignment and on each Subsequent Closing Date,] the Seller shall execute and deliver the First Step [Additional] Receivables Assignment.
The Assignments. On the Initial Closing Date, GMAC shall execute and deliver the First Step Initial Receivables Assignment and on each Additional Closing Date, GMAC shall execute and deliver a First Step Additional Receivables Assignment.
The Assignments. There are two compulsory assignments ±one consisting of multiple-choice questions and one essay-type question that you have to hand in. There is also one self-assessment assignment consisting of essay-type questions that you will not hand in.Please note: For all calculative questions, you should choose the nearest correct option, as there may be slight rounding differences between your answer and ours. The use of financial calculators and the financial tables will influence the rounding on your answers. For Assignment 02, it is important to show your calculations where applicable. If you are not using a financial calculator, you can find the necessary interest tables in Appendix B at the end of this tutorial letter.ASSIGNMENT 01 Due date: 11 May 2018 Unique number: 727269 Aim: To evaluate your knowledge of some of the fundamental aspects of: x finance and the financial environment (learning unit 1)x time value of money principles and applications (learning unit 2)x investment decision making (learning unit 3)x investment in working capital: cash management (learning unit 4) Answer the following questions and submit your assignment to Question 1The short-term financial goal should be to ensure the profitability, liquidity and solvency of the ILUP 7KH PDLQ REMHFWLYH RI ILQDQFLDO PDQDJHPH
The Assignments. This section contains further information regarding assignments. This includes:
The Assignments. (d) The Gross Lease, the Triple Net Lease, the Triple Net Lease Memorandum and the Cafeteria and Fitness Center Agreement.
The Assignments. The applicable Assignments shall have been duly executed and delivered to the Lender by the Company covering the Collateral respectively therein described. A financing statement with respect thereto shall have been filed in each jurisdiction reasonably requested by the Lender. The Lender shall have been furnished with evidence satisfactory to it (including, without limitation, a copy of the applicable insurance policy if requested by Lender) that all coverages and arrangements required by the terms of the applicable Mortgage with respect to insurances on the applicable Vessel have been duly effected, with acknowledgments of the applicable Insurance Assignment from insuring parties and with such opinions from marine insurance brokers regarding such coverages and arrangements as are provided for in the applicable Mortgage.
The Assignments. 3.1 Reuters shall provide to Contractor on an assignment basis working press credentials, tickets, badges and/or passes necessary for Contractor to gain access in connection with any assignments. All such items must be returned immediately to Reuters upon termination of this Agreement or upon Reuters’ request.
The Assignments